Palm temperature

Distance of two meters, if only measured in length, Mulberry bags sale only go to you two or three steps, you can get from your warmth However, if the height measurement, even if we formed a ladder desperately grab not necessarily touched your hand and you may not understand, you joking, playful eyes, you refuse to give us warm move between you and us, as if every one of Wang Hai, we then Interference hard body into the sea, and can not come to the other side. ”
  “Human well-being, since you have been to the capital we live, why begrudge give us a little live faith; Now that you have decided to warm us, and why with such disdain?”
  “We’re just because life distress to make a living this way, I do not think our personality What makes you underestimate the importance of place in this way, please do not destroy us, do not let our hearts in tender addicted to the secular dust sediment , become numb, but not the human. ”
  Maybe those were very distressed child, every human heart has a passage like this.
  Distance of two meters today, in the future, may make us closer together, there are likely to make you my lopsided.
  Also remember, it was one of the best in the entire summer hot days.
  Sinister merciless sun baked the earth, the water can not stand the early zeal for this imprisonment, a trace of volatile constantly hit the uptrend bake in the air, hit the body of the passers-by, more and more makes these pedestrians exhausted.
Under the scorching sun, I saw a 14-year-old boy, arched back, fiddled with the humble he was he treasured objects – empty bottle with a wooden stick in the side of the road, each found a The eyes are unable to hide the joy. Caress him with the palm of your hand a few times, then discreetly put it in the basket. Mulberry bags heart slightly Deng soon, kind of bitter feeling spread to the mouth do not think I deliberately avoid him, to restrain myself, try not to let their eyes burning, I’m afraid to hurt a share of the self-esteem of the children of the same age.
His face seems to have a faint tender handsome, weathered life gave him added to the vicissitudes of a different age, I feel is not too happy.
He moved away from me in the past, looked at me, and quietly walked away, my heart wanted to help him, but could do nothing. Looking at the back of his thin, I would like to to issue some blame God unfair emotion.
At this time, I saw not far from a larger point of the boy, he did not finish the drinks are poured into the sewer, the action is so fast, do not want to be seen? I was surprised, and my heart twitched fiercely. Indeed, the deviation of humanity is so naked exposure to the sun.
So, why is he only that leave the humble bottle, which gives me some do not understand, I could not help more than glances. The next scene made me very surprised. {owdjf}@#5446w I see five or six meters away from the child when he stopped originally ran the pace a little bit approached the child, sincere handed the bottle to the hands of the child, as if a gift Mizu precious gift. That the child’s lips fibrillation in Ruoyouruowu, if the next moment the tears will pour from his eyes and I could not hear what he said, but feeling The scenario may be set off with silent become more beautiful. I looked blankly, finally disperse the haze of mind.
Gift empty bottle perhaps allowing the child to feel respected! After all, people do not like the taste of charity.
A long time, a long time that I gradually forgotten he had naively resentment that this world is not beautiful. However, that scene has always imprinted in Mulberry uk mind lingering, often think hearts will always swarmed warmth, I have gradually learned how to maintain the dignity of others.
Respect, heart light a beacon for others to illuminate the road ahead, open a mind of their own pure land.
Human well-being and your respect will the cold winter ignite the lives of others, charcoal, summer moisturize the showers of the mind of others.
Bottle hot and cold, but that depends entirely on the temperature of your palm.

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