The Unique Performance of Cone Crushers

In the 60 years of development process of the cone crusher , it has basically completed the stage of material preparation and performance development, but entered the stage of comprehensive application and improvement of the process. Currently, the enterprises are making efforts to improve the cone crusher , it is conceivable that the cone crusher will have the promising prospect in the future market.The unique performance of cone crusher: 1, the technical performance index is stable and the product size almost has nothing to do with the wear of the liner.2, it is easy for the operation and installation. The machine adopts the secondary vibration isolation so that the base vibration and noise is small. In the installation od the machine, there is no need to have the enormous foundation and anchor bolts.3, cone crusher adopts the selective crushing of the layered material. When the crushing chamber is filled with the material, the materials will stand a full range of extrusion to avoid the direct contact, effectively preventing the wear of the liner. In addition, it can also prevent the material from the metal contaminants so that the wear degree of the wearing parts of this machine can be reduced greatly, effectively extending the service life of the wear parts.4, the crushing ratio is increased and the product size can be adjusted. The crushing force of the cone crusher has a certain relationship with the eccentric static torque and the rotational speed . Adjusting the gap between the crushing chamber can make it easy to adjust the desired crushing ratio.5, the unique design of the cone crusher simplifies the crushing process and reduces the number of auxiliary equipment sets. There is no need to prepare the special feeder and it can be started and stopped in full load. It is very convenient for the operation, monitoring side and control. Due to the fine particle size, there is no need to form the closed circuit, significantly lessening the investment in equipment and infrastructure.6, the Cone crushers have a wide range of applications. To adjust the operating parameters of the crusher can make it crush the brittle materials of any hardness.

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