Beautiful behind

“… Flower Flower for whom open, spring 2011 to spring flowers say it again, a wait to do anything about, familiar to swallow to return, garden, road, wandering alone.” One strike, mulberry bag slowly looked behind ……
   The people in the city every day and more fast-paced life, sitting on the bus, no one to look out the window, more simply looking to stay on the phone, watching the slide on the screen text. Of which I am one, but until I saw of gardenia growing on tree, I found out that I missed out on so much.
   Just happened to look back, but found that it has already spent over the branches, shaking gently in the breeze, to show the world it is the most artless, but how many people will stop and watch, and praise it? In our eyes it’s just an extraordinary and ordinary gardenia tree, there is nothing special to it but I inadvertently saw an unyielding quality, even though no appreciation, even if there is no people stop, it remains in silently for city beautification contribute this how valuable spirit ah! Not because of his humble and belittle their own, but rather proud to distribute their own waste heat, mulberry handbags can not help but love this strain of gardenia tree, although it is just behind me beautiful, but the beacon that guides me forward .
   Throughout the moment, how many people have stalled because of their identity as well as others on the low self-esteem, how many people because of the strength of their own as well as others will not dare to go to the challenge to prove yourself, how many people because of their innate, acquired defects do not want to go hard, but in the final analysis only three words – not confident.
   No low points, the difference between high and low, there is only dare to do, instead of blindly give way, stagnation, why not learn a science roadside gardenia tree? Even if only a landscape tree, but it also did not forget to disseminate their greatest strength. Even if no one is interested. So better to slow down their own pace, to appreciate those we left behind the beautiful, to learn, to find his life along the course.
   Recovered, growing on the gardenia tree away from me, the breeze blowing, mulberry sale smiled, and sometimes do not need a lot of time, as long as a turn around, will be able to glance behind the beautiful, but also to realize of life.
   Behind the beautiful truth of life.

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