Because I am Asian players

Jordans 2013 Beijing on April 7, Lin Hao, a file named “60 Minutes” news program interview, talking about her own experience year after graduating from high school ignored.Jeremy Lin now has to prove that he is worthy of trust, the crazy forest is not just a flash in the pan. Him this season, averaging 13.1 points, 6.1 assists, worthy of the rocket to his contract, he and Harden the backcourt also very competitive.
New Jordans But he had in a long time are undervalued, his high school when he was elected the best player in California, led the success achieved 32 wins and 1 to get the state championship. But when he graduated, did not get any basketball elite invitation. Talking about the experience of the year, Jeremy Lin has maintained a consistent humility: “I won the award, but does not mean that I’m the best player, then success is a team effort.” Jeremy Lin also mentioned that they have been underestimated large part because of the Asian American identity: “I think the biggest reason is that I am an Asian player this for obvious reasons, the stereotype of the people, that is, I encountered obstacles.”
New Jordans 2013 Jeremy Lin to face Rookie of the Year Damian – Lillard also played well, gains 22 points, four rebounds and eight assists, the key to the race he will win due to the team’s smooth pass with: “If you look we have made the process of leading, you will find that moving the ball is our secret and when our leading eroded, must be running the ball because we did not do a good job all clear, however, can not pass the strike directly determine our two very different team. “

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