Bryant said be retired jersey No. 24

New Jordans 2013 Beijing on April 7, according to the bleachers sports reports, the wear the Lakers retired his jersey No. 24, but not before a decade of No. 8 jersey. “Big sharks” O’Neal’s No. 34 jersey retired, just at the Staples Center the sharks partner to Bryant retired which shirt has also become the focus of attention of the outside world, after all, Kobe Bryant in the Lakers have been through two different jersey number . Distal Gasol and Howard each had two points, but then Howard in consecutive With Pondexter hit third, the Grizzlies will recover as the score 71-72, Meeks and Clark’s score barely stabilize situation. Blake hit the third, but the Grizzlies Bayless Conley scored five the Grizzlies re go-ahead score. Bryant even with a fine cast even get a quarter, Gasol Backdoor hit to help the Lakers to a 85-84 lead.
Jordans 2013 Key 36.1 seconds, the Blake unable ball, suspend the return of Bryant foul free throws, the final Lakers to a 86-84 win over the Grizzlies won three straight. Los Angeles, local media “Orange County Register” reporter Kevin – Ding said in an interview, Bryant said he hoped retired his No. 24 jersey. “When the Lakers Kobe Bryant jersey retirement ceremony held at the Staples Center rises jersey No. 24, rather than on the 8th, which is Bryant’s personal preferences.” Since Bryant entered from the Los Angeles Lakers, he will wear jersey No. 8 campaign until 2006 for the Lakers, Bryant announced his jersey number from No. 8 to No. 24, wearing number 24, Bryant high school. For the replacement jersey reasons, Bryant did not explain too much, is a gross understatement to say that the No. 24 jersey is the number of his high school play. However, “The Master” – Phil Jackson has said that Kobe Bryant jersey for the 24th, because of “Peter Pan” feel than Jordan in the 24th number more than 1, this can motivate his efforts over the “Basketball God”.
Jordan 11 Bred Wearing jersey No. 8 Bryant campaign in 10 years, he with O’Neal won three consecutive still averaged last season wearing jersey No. 8 under the H-35.4 points, to create the myth of a single 81 points. Bleachers sports “such an analysis Bryant chose that time retired No. 24 instead of No. 8 jersey: wear No. 24, O’Neal has left the band, Bryant team won the championship twice inthe case of out of O’Neal” shadow ” and bound smaller, so that Bryant was wearing jersey No. 24 by Phil Jackson feel really is a dominant superstar. Easy side battles the Grizzlies played the first wave of 10-0 spurt, grizzly bear through internal and external fire will go-ahead score to 49-46. The Lakers finally free throws by Howard, the first points of the second half, after the two sides continuous blacksmith, Randolph and Gasol three-point play with each other, Bryant’s horse riding, archery and Blake third willgo-ahead for the 55-54 points difference. After Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol scored six points, Kobe Bryant assists Jamison succeeded, the Lakers shot a wave of 19-4, in the latter half of the section to re-overtake the score to 68-62.

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