County of Huangshan Secondary synthetic turf door stadium built and put into use

County of Huangshan Secondary synthetic turf door stadium built and put into use

Zouping County, Huangshan College, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, invested $ 100,000, a province the best synthetic grass door stadium built in the beautiful park of Huangshan in school, and put into use in October 2010. The project by Zibo the Kangda Sports Facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. to design and careful construction. Gate stadium is converted on the basis of the original clay court, fundamental part of Shop 15 cm the C20 # concrete construction steps: playing tendons in two phases, each base width of no more than four meters. 6 m long steel pipe flatten a file interval until the next day then the surface of the solidified septum tie with playing with wiping matt ensure the venue basic flatness do turn on the water experiments, an interval of 5 days for standing water evident parts to make a mark with water level measurement site at least 20 points of the entire piece. Calculate the average of the high and low error, use a large grinder to grind, do a second turn on the water experiments leveling whole piece of venues, with a four-meter-long flat bar higher average site shall not be greater than-3mm diameter 50 cm projections and puddles. Thus ensuring the the flatness of croquet venues foundation.

Gate Stadium turf selected National Croquet Association audited dedicated synthetic grass-Shenzhen in body the Dragon helmet generation “wire grass length 15 mm bending 10 mm. Moderate density, green, home turf color meter restricted zones are purple, white limit line width 3 cm, according to the actual use of the width of the preparation of artificial turf, the contrast is obvious, and very easy to elderly athletes, and the line of sight of the referee to make the right determination. Turf amended could not tell the difference between splicing gap to fill every square meter of 7-10 kg of white quartz sand, flushing should be uniform, makes the entire piece door stadium turf plant in the sand, feeling, hardness of the sand requirements, flatness, not athletes batting due to venue injustice to result in bias, the ball’s trajectory and speed to facilitate the manipulation of athletes.

Gate Stadium was built, Zouping County Laoniantixie in Huangshan Middle School new turf gateball court held an opening Invitational. Laoniantixie Chairman Chen visited the stadium to watch the guiding of Zibo the Kangda Sports facilities construction engineering company to give a high evaluation.

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