Former Rockets coach: Grand Army 45 wins playoff

New Jordans According to the Los Angeles Times reports, Jeff – Jeff Van Gundy the upcoming Lakers icroblogging] team the Clippers [microblogging] team game when it comes to that, the Clippers swept the Lakers in the regular season . In Van Gundy’s opinion, the Lakers suffered a poor start with constant injuries, this season is expected to get 44 wins or 45 wins.Lakers and Clippers tomorrow derby, ABC will be nationally televised. “Tomorrow’s game is very special for both sides, and each wants to win.” As ABC / ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy a telephone interview, said, “This game is important to both the Clippers talent a little higher, the Lakers team returned more games power it would be a fun game, compete for a very intense game. “Lakers and Clippers will be in Beijing on April 8, 3:30 carried out.
New Jordans 2013 Lakers 40 wins and 36 losses, only leading the 9th Jazz 0.5 games the Clippers team returned with 50 wins and 26 losses in the west # 4, the Lakers are fighting for playoff tickets, Clippers team needs better record, so as to strive for home-court advantage for the playoffs. “If possible, they can be very necessary to compete for the third guards, so they are more favorable in the first round of the game.” Van Gundy said, “This year they played very exciting, ranked in the west when it comes to the Clippers the top four is very difficult. “Lakers team returned behind the Clippers 10 wins, which have a certain relationship with them suffered injuries. “I think they did a great job to overcome so many difficulties,” Van Gundy reviews Lakers suffered a bad start, experienced Steve Nash – injuries, they could obtain 44 or 45 wins for them, this is a good result, I think, they have recently found a way to win close games to their existing line-up has been playing very well, but they are available Not many people. ”
Jordan 5 Grapes In Van Gundy’s view, the Lakers’ defensive problems is not responsible for a particular individual, this is due to the injuries the team and aging. On the Lakers and Clippers game tomorrow, Van Gundy, the Clippers will win to complete the sweep in the regular season, the Lakers. Lakers to play efficient, very difficult, because the Lakers do not have that kind of talent the Clippers, “Van Gundy said,” Now, the Lakers because of its unique talent, such as Kobe Bryant [microblogging] or Ha u be able to play an incredible game, and led the team to win the victory. Clippers are a better team, they are so throughout the year, to fight any opponent so, to be honest, I think the same thing will happen tomorrow. “Van Gundy also said that the Lakers suffered injury problems, experienced Huanshuai storm, team chemistry is not good, but still have a chance to make the playoffs.

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