Heat wins an NBA single month record

Cheap Jordans Beijing time on April 1, by virtue of the third lore Bosh, the Heat away win over the Spurs. At this point, the March game in Miami have all ended, they achieved a record of 17 wins and 1 month. According to the data shows that the Heat March 17 victory has created a new record in the NBA single month wins. Heat had previously played in December 2010 with 15 wins and 1 loss, the best single-month record in team history, this record is refreshed. After the game, the first time the Heat owner Mickey – Allison Chat Twitter to congratulate the Heat became the first NBA history to support a single month hit a 17-win team.
New Jordans Heat Janeway truce still away win to make removal of the main play Spurs this season has double play Spurs, Thunder, this ESPN reporter Arathi – Malta Katz to sigh: “We now can championship to them (Heat)? “As for the Heat, Worthy response:” I would say that the Heat still have a little advantage, because they are the last year’s champion. them to win again would be easier, because they know how to do. introduction – Ray Allen (Ray Allen) and Rashard – Lewis (Rashard Lewis), they very much bench scorer and one-third pitcher. they have the best players in Le Brown – James (LeBron James), I say they have an advantage because they are the defending champions. ”
New Jordans 2013 The Lakers need to maximize the talent of the team how to do it? Worthy replied: “The ball was by Steve – Steve Nash (Steve Nash) to control, since Magic Johnson (Magic Johnson), we have not had such a guard Nash know a lot of playing way, and his early kick football is about and he knows how to break through the inside, know how to pass the ball, you just need ball into the herd, I think they will not dislodge H match, but I think Nash’s passing ability and can bring a lot of fast-break. they play the pick-and-roll may also be some of Steve and Bryant’s singles. “the key to maintaining a healthy team, Worthy said:” This is the decision of the coach, coach Brown got to find how to use bench looks like they can contribute more playing time, so he had to think of Nash and Kobe Bryant playing a long time … he had to solve the training time, because this is a veteran team to supervise This is very critical because the greater the age, you will run into more injuries. “

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