Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol: I was invincible duo

Jordans 2013 According to the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday Lakers [microblogging] win over the Grizzlies game, Paul – Gasol once again played a high level of performance, had 19 points and nine rebounds. In the past five games, he averaged data can reach 14.8 points, 7.8 rebounds and five assists while shooting 54.8%. Gasol has been the Lakers wait for a long time.Video Highlights – Size daughter-PK Bryant 24 +9 7-man rotation Lakers off BearMedia Source: Sina Sports”We finally got him(Gasol) with a Kobe Bryant [microblogging] said in an interview,” he coordinated action and shooting advantages into full play, in fact, he is not very focused in the score, but more like teammates are integrated into. “These games, once he obtained through the pick and roll good shots, then he will not hesitate to hand; If there is no good opportunity, he can also create scoring opportunities for others. ”
New Jordans Nash [microblogging] and Metta World Peace [microblogging] two Lord’s absence through injury, the Lakers had to raise record to 40 wins and 36 losses. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol combined the power of undoubtedly played an important role, especially on the offensive end.”Opponents can not defend us.” Bryant went on, “opponents could not find an effective way to the limits we can only hope that we shot.”Gasol pick and roll, Bryant own shots, you can also find the opportunity to pass back the ball to Gasol, and so that the latter organization offensive.”He (Gasol) has always been a great threat to the point.” Bryant said, “coupled with Dwight inside, outside bottom corner of the ambush Jodi – Meeks, so the opponent can only pray that our vote of no into. “I believe many people will ask: “Why the Lakers wondering for so long to think about re-enable the pick and roll with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol?”
New Jordans 2013 Reasons for a coach, it takes longer to run-in and adjust. “Bryant explained,” and the other is injured. Although this run-in came a little bit late, but better than not to be Okay! the final stages of the regular season, we played very well and beat some very strong team, so that we can confidently into the playoffs. “Before the start of this season, the Lakers once considered to be the favorite of the championship, but now, they are still ranked only eighth place in the West, and for the final playoff seats Sike in the end with the Utah Jazz.Tomorrow, Los Angeles will usher in the “derby”. The face of the past two seasons with the sudden rise city rivals the Clippers [microblogging], the Lakers has been well prepared?”We will this momentum continue to be maintained,” Bryant said at last.

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