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Jordans 2013 In today’s NBA regular season, the Rockets back to back away to challenge the Nuggets. The face of the lack of the Thai – Lawson and Jialineili, two main Nuggets, rocket in sections II and III opponents completely off the hook, the final 114-132 loss to the Nuggets, regular season Nuggets – 0 sweep. In a four-game winning streak, while the end of the rocket, the Nuggets tied creation in 1985, the longest in team history 20 home winning streak. After the race, the Rockets coach McHale look unhappy, the team’s performance was criticized.
New Jordans Perhaps because of back-to-back, perhaps due to altitude sickness in Denver, the game rockets only adhere to a Nuggets off the hook. The coach McHale criticized after the game said: “Nuggets in the same way four times defeated us we throw them, and then let them score. Nuggets take advantage of the mistakes we made 32 points, grabbed offensive rebounds 18 points we do not have the defensive, and this must be overcome. ”
New Jordans 2013 Jeremy Lin got the Rockets with 23 points, but the Rockets lost to the Nuggets for seven consecutive times, including this season is 0-4 swept. “When you face a team like the Nuggets, they like us, run and gun, then we’d better play smart,” Lin said. “We want to speed up the pace of the game, but we must be careful to speed up the rhythm, not let them take advantage of fast-break scored 20-50 points, we can never play a perfect game, but not blindly pass stepped up the tempo. Dig gold height, arm span, so we must be smarter. “The campaign the the Nuggets two core Lawson and Jialineili are unable to play, but their performance so that coach George Karl – are a bit surprised. “It’s a little bit surprised,” Carl said. “But my team has been very good to deal with the challenges they have a very strong competitive spirit, which is very good for a young team.”Wilson – Chandler also said: “We have a very strong squad, a lot of players to come forward, basically the team we can stand out.” (Sohu Sports Wella)

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