Obama nonstick 22 in 2 layup box!

New Jordans Beijing, April 2, on Sunday, the traditional festive Easter in the United States, U.S. President Barack Obama held at the White House Easter Egg invited to the Washington Wizards of the number of players as well as some of the children to the White House to play basketball. But during the event, Obama is the nation’s most famous basketball fan out of a big fool of himself, he shot a total of 22 shots in at the event, which also includes an unguarded layup nonstick box.The invited by Obama to the White House to participate in the activities of the Wizards players – John Wall, Nene – Hilario, and Emeka – Okafor. Three of them with Obama cordial exchanges on the pitch, and also a tour of the White House also forget the experience of the championship teams in the past only treatment. , Despite the presence of a professional player as a senior basketball fan, Obama or on the court to show their skills, but his hit rate is not flattering.
New Jordans 2013 Live video display, Obama cast a total of 22 baskets into only two, one ball Obama in basket ball, basket and his case I saw him struggling a throw, the ball turned even the basket are not met, a stiff hit the backboard and bounced back. Faced with this embarrassment, Obama seems to be a bit embarrassing face after he glanced the ball bounced directly to a child away. Obama “poor” performance in their own home the White House, White House spokesman Jay – Cheney also appears to be some frustration, just try to absolve Mr. President: “Well, I have not discussed with him it, but you know Mr. President is always busy, almost no time to practice this his favorite sport. ”
Jordan 5 Grapes Obama’s 22 in 2 layup nonstick box! Shocking depths came the the bursts blacksmith sound Obama shooting rate of 9.1% the White House, the White House backyard basket this time regarded eating terribly. It is worth mentioning that shot exclusively in the field the first time, CBS Sports will be sent to Obama’s blacksmith video online, but then this long for 1 minute 34 seconds smithy promo, as of press time of still has not been restored, do not know is not the White House in order to save face to the president ask CBS aspect be deleted.Undo editsAlpha.

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