Spurs return to top

Jordans 2013┬áSpurs Arena force to take the Eagles regained first place in the West; the Bucks home victory over the Raptors, lock the Eastern playoff tickets to this eastern quarterfinals produce all. The following is a synthesis of these two games:The Spurs (57-20) at home to the Eagles 15-game winning streak, to return to the first position in the West. Tony – Parker sidelined, Tim – Tim Duncan came out, scored 31 points, 14 rebounds and four blocked shots, Cowie – Leonard 23 points, 11 points, DeJuan – Blair.The Hawks (42-36) three-game losing streak, has been difficult to dispute the first round of the home-court advantage. Josh – Smith and Al – Horford [microblogging] sidelined, Ivan – Johnson scored 14 points, Joe John – Petro 11 points and 15 rebounds. Off the bench – John Jenkins scored 23 points, Mike – Scott 22 points and six rebounds, Cher – Mark 12 points.Spurs at home has been 14 years without lost eagle, and an average of 18.6 points per game to win. The last time the Eagles road win over the Spurs in February 1997, Duncan has not entered the NBA .Duncan never lost at home to the Eagles too, do not want to change in today. On a loss to the Thunder, the Spurs give up first place in the West, the absence of Parker, Duncan led the team tenacious clearance.
New Jordans┬áThe middle section II, Duncan three consecutive layup, since in the cast hit all eight points arranged Spurs this time, their advantage to 41-34. In this section there are 0.3 seconds, Duncan assists, Leonard layup, the Spurs opened the gap to 51-40.Mark third hit twice, the end of the third quarter the Eagles to 8-2, and will recover as the score 69-73.More than half of the fourth quarter, Duncan layup and cause foul, scored three points with a fine cast, Blair hit a ball, the Spurs to 89-79 double-digit advantage. Eagles turn narrow the gap to 5 points, Duncan re-shooting, the Split also close succeeded, the game 2 minutes 20 seconds, leading the Spurs to 94-85.Eagles pointer with one second to narrow the gap to two points, but powerless.Raptors 83 – Bucks 100 Bucks (37-39) after a two-game losing streak, locked playoff tickets. Monta – Ellis scored 22 points, 9 assists and 6 steals, Brandon – Jennings had 16 points and seven assists, Larry – Sanders 12 points, nine rebounds and six blocks . Off the bench – Mike Dunleavy 10, JJ-Reddick 8 points.
New Jordans 2013┬áTermination of the Raptors (29-48) two-game winning streak, three games this season have been swept. DeMar – DeRozan and Jonas – Kovalam repair NASDAQ, each had 12 points, Kyle – Lori [microblogging] 7 points and 4 assists, Rudy – Rudy Gay 10 shots in only 1, only four points. Off the bench Alan – Anderson 14 points, Quincy – Asif 13 points, Terrence – Ross 11 points.76 people had lost, the Bucks as long as win this game, you can lock the playoff tickets. The backcourt Shuangqiang outbreak, the Bucks early to widen the gap, the Eastern Conference team the last one to get tickets.Played the game less than four minutes, the third hit twice in Jennings, Bucks to a 10-6 lead. Ellis succeeded again and again in the half of the Festival, the first section ofthe Bucks to a 26-16 dominant.Section 8 minutes and 14 seconds after Ellis continuous two-thirds vote, the Bucks to a 38-25 lead. Ellis scored 10 points in this section, the the Bucks once made a 24-point advantage, the first half leading 61-42.The Bucks Yuezhanyueyong, the third quarter and 4 minutes 06 seconds, Jennings drift shooting Bucks to a 78-46 lead with 32 points. After three sessions, the Bucks to a 80-55 lead.Last one bucks more than the main did not play most of the time, they have maintained more than 20 points of advantage.

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