The artificial lawn underlying use A, B two-component PU glue laying

The artificial lawn underlying use A, B two-component PU glue laying and EPDM color granules and black particles combined paving made for eco-friendly products, efficient elastic properties at high temperatures is not affected. Compliance with various professional track and field venue requirements, superior elastic properties. The surface layer is made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) colloidal particles, has a high degree of UV resistance, the practice has proved, can guarantee the use of more than a decade, no fading of concerns. Strength wear-resistant, even thousands of students 10 hours a day, after 15 years, but also to maintain the excellent state. The surface layer dedicated spray equipment for construction.

(1) synthetic grass excellent weather resistance, not aging.

(2) flexibility with respect to the synthetic grass is more stable and superior elastic undifferentiated throughout the year, and never will be the winter hard summer soft.

(3) artificial grass of the parameters can be said to comply with the parameters of the National Sports Bureau, various track and field events on the runway.

(4) the power of rotation and shock absorption and strong emphasis on comfort and safety, athletes help athletes play or performance-enhancing.

(5) meet IAAF standards flatness, the drainability more rain days do not need to stop the game, the game immediately after heavy rain, no water.

(6) synthetic grass overall color is more vivid and beautiful, lasting not fade.

(7) drawing a line is not easy to paint chips, more vivid color, do not fade, wear resistance is relatively better breathable.

(8) artificial grass construction technology is more advanced.

(9) for better anti-aging functions.

(10) the maintenance of synthetic grass late simple and low cost.

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