The flowers the road happiness go hand in hand

Warm sunshine poured to the earth, the flowers in the sunlight happy growing, the trees around her umbrella, and the birds chirping in the branches, playing with her beautiful songs, the wind happens to come from afar interesting … to see the smiles on the faces of the flower in bright, warm this winter.
The tree is she will always rely on.
mulberry bag see, at her side, a leafy tree. Time going around in circles, over and over again through the forest again and again through the side of the tree, ruthless in the body of the tree carved a an imprint left circle rings. Often increase a ring when she aged one year of age, the years taken away by the addition of her beautiful. But, no matter how the flow of the time, but she is This flower will never change around the landscape, has been guarded behind her, she propped up a warm sky. Whenever the wind blew, it began to rain, she will timely came to the side of the flowers, with their thick foliage conjure up a big umbrella, wind and rain cover for her. Any wind and rain erosion, refusing to turn away half a step. Flowers grow at the same time also ushered in a rebellious phase, the face of her bad temper, trees always smiling, her tolerance. Her injuries, trees became her haven, flowers, quietly leaning against her body, to comfort her, encourage her to perk up, with a smile to the face of life’s ups and downs.
The birds are her close friends.
Morning, she woke up in the sweet singing of birds, she slowly opened his sleepy eyes dim, mulberry bags looked up to see the birds at her smiling. The bird of the hands holding crystal dew – that is the favorite food of the flowers. At noon, the sun warm, naughty jumped from the gap between the leaves, light dropped to the ground, reflected on the leaves of the seam
Gap Mo Yang, round shape, very cute. Green flowers and bird lay bathed in warm sunshine, talking about happy things. Flowers roots buried deep in the ground, unlike the bird flying freely in the air, when you see her eyes flashing light on the dream of desire, and the birds always Xiaohe for She refueling, encouraged her to work hard to chase a dream. Night, the moon in the sky, bits and pieces, the forest silence, and the birds flew up into the treetops, and say goodbye to the flowers, echoed with the singing of the birds in the forest, in the song of the birds, the flowers gradually into the sweet dreamland …
The wind is her loyal audience.
Shuttle every corner of the world wind, the angel of the world. It came to many places, seen a lot of beautiful scenery, can be described as a traveler, of course, she is also a good friend of flowers. Whenever she saw the location of the flowers always happy to say hello and flowers, and then began her busy day of travel. Occasionally, she would stop and talk with flowers travel knowledge. She walked through the wheat fields, to see the first snow of the winter to land there, mulberry handbags like an angel come to earth, and thick snow bent Barley, the earth covered with a layer of soft white blanket ban those pests who can not stand the winter cold, disappearing one after another in a cornfield. They share each other’s happiness, feeling each other’ve seen the beautiful scenery, laughter filled the whole woods ……
Flowers in constant growth, the scenery around is uncertain, however, share the feeling of happiness but never leave.
Flowers on the way, so many people are to accompany the more happiness!

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