Zou Shiming career opener such as singers

New Jordans 2013 Morning Post MACAU world not many people have the courage to choose to re-start after fame, Zou Shiming is an exception.Last night, two-time Olympic champion Zou Shiming in the Venetian Hotel in Macau points advantage over Mexico’s Valencia Zola, the first win of his career, officially became a “rookie” class professional boxers.From professional athletes to professional athletes, although seemingly only one word, actually bad days to do. The reporter at the scene to witness the first battle of the professional boxing Zou Shiming, also witnessed a variety of professional boxer Zou Shiming and Olympic boxer Zou Shiming.□ correspondent Wang Gang Zou Shiming harvest career first winThe audience shouted: “Quick dragon 18 zhangs”Audience, the 7000 audience has been deafening cry; stage, two players in mind another in mind punch, the Impossible see meat.Last night, the reporter in the Venetian Hotel in Macau CotaiArena the site, witnessed the first victory of the of Zou Shiming harvest career.Rivals Valencia Zola a bunch of nobodies, but Zou Shiming, the victory is still hard to come by.
Jordans 2013 From amateur boxing to professional boxing, the huge difference in the rules, even for the Olympic champion, but also a difficult challenge.Zou Shiming fame pirate play “in the eyes of professional boxer is incredible – beating an opponent to run all over actually eventually win.In contrast, the rules of professional boxing “cruel” much, stripped to the waist, no helmet, the boxing gloves slimmer ……the audience want to see KO opponents, rather than like the Olympics RBI score.In fact, in the United States during the training period, Zou Shiming, a career coach has been to Zou Shiming instill the concept of “KO opponents (knockouts), he also worked hard for a few months, but seems to be the effectiveness of the training on last night not too significant.In this regard, the audience in the field Unfortunately, many viewers are in the race to Zou Shiming and encouraging, “with punch, punch overthrow him.”An audience ingenuity shouted: “Zou Shiming, fast so the dragon 18 zhangs. “Although the win, but this is, after all, only the first battle, only four rounds, the opponents also very weak. In the coming years, in the face of a stronger professional boxer, longer rounds of competition, the full 32-year-old Zou Shiming is also Go On?
Jordan 11 Bred This is still unknown.Before a group of people fighting a battleProfessional boxing does not mean rolling in wealth The victory also means Zou Shiming has thus embarked on the road of professional boxing. But to become a professional boxer, does not mean “money” Zou Shiming from passers-by worries.Zou Shiming bonus last night how much? Speculation, ranging from $ 3,000 to $ 300,000. However, Zou Shiming opponent yesterday, Mexico’s Valencia Zola said, before he won the highest prize money is only $ 400.Olympic champion Zou Shiming starting point than the other players, professional boxing boxer’s fame and popularity is the most important. Olympic champion identity freshness supported in professional boxing Zou Shiming how long is unclear.In addition, do professional athletes, Zou Shiming can be described Zhongxingpengyue,,, basic necessities of life, injury treatment and so do not need to worry about. Now become the Occupation “self-employed”, he had to spend money on hiring coaches, sparring, doctors, and other related personnel, Zou Shiming before the game said with a smile that he can not afford a massage therapist.It can be said that the “professional athletes” Zou Shiming, a group of people in the battle, “professional athletes” Zou Shiming, a man in combat.The competition will take place from the Coliseum into a casinoEverything has become a “naked” Code of Business Conduct

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