Anthony cut 36 points beat Durant

New Jordans 2013 Knicks 125-120 on the road to beat the Thunder at the first defeat of revenge.The Knicks (50-26) to obtain the 12-game winning streak, winning streak tied the third longest in team history. Carmelo Anthony – [microblogging] scored 36 points and 12 rebounds, Raymond – Felton 16 points and eight assists, Tyson – Chandler [microblogging] 15 points and five rebounds. Off the bench JR-Smith had 22 points and seven rebounds, Jason – Jason Kidd [microblogging] threes voted 4 to 14 points, 13 points – Chris Coupland.
Jordans 2013 First section there are 9 minutes and 51 seconds, Chandler the ball at the same time take advantage of turn, and then dunks with both hands, followed by the third hit in Felton, the Knicks a 9-5 lead. The veteran Kidd angry, more than half of this section within 80 seconds, three times in a row he hit third, this section there are 3 minutes and 55 seconds when he hit the third three-pointers in mind, the Knicks will recover as the score 23-24 . After the first section, the Thunder a 31-30 lead.Two major scorer gradually into the state in the second quarter. Knicks to 39-24 exceeded, this section there are 9 minutes and 51 seconds, Durant cut into the bottom line, then hit the ball non-stop, and dunk with both hands. Durant then hit two free throws Anthony dunk with color. This section Anthony scored 11 points, Durant 9 points. After three sessions, the Thunder 56-65 behind.The Chandler a dunk to start the fourth quarter, the Knicks leading by 9 points. Thunder counterattack very quickly, this section there are 6 minutes and 57 seconds, Durant jumper Thunder 105-104 overtake. Critical moment even hit the fourth three-pointers in mind, the lead for the Knicks again.
Jordan 11 Bred Westbrook and Smith last-minute decision to contest the outcome. Game 1 minute 54 seconds, Westbrook pull-up jumper hit, Thunder 113-115 behind only. Smith in the same way to a ball, Westbrook rush to vote three rounds of the ball in the basket in a circle brush jump out. Knicks since almost mistakes, Felton allocate the ball fell to the ground, Smith 24 seconds when the ball is approaching, his decisive shot, one-third plunge in the Knicks 120-113 to expand the advantage.Durant critical moment is not in the shot, Anthony made two free throws after a foul, the Knicks lead eight minutes. Anthony then tipped succeeded, scored 5 points in the last minute, the Knicks seal the victory.

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