High Capacity Single Stove Airflow Sawdust Dryer

Detailed Product Description

Airflow Sawdust Dryer

1.High capacity

2.Low consumption

3.Easy operation and best price

4.Effectively Remove Moisture out

High Capacity Single Stove Airflow Sawdust Dryer

This Airflow Sawdust Dryer connected with one stove and the wood waste, wood briquettes and coal can be the fuel.

Hot Air Dryer is the wanderful equipment to remove moisture of Sawdust through the long


principle of work:

drum type magnetic separator

Firstly, you can ignite fire in the stove by using wood waste, wood briquette or coal as the fuel,drum magnetic separator then turn on the Fans to attract the hot air which generated by the stove, at the same timxingbanglease feed the sawdust into the feeding port. Afterthat the sawdust will be automatically attracted by the fan and mixed with the hot air inside thxingbangipe. Fianlly the dried sawdust will be came out through the cyclone.

Power:11 kw, 1 motor

Capacity: 800-1,000 kg/h

Diameter of feed materials: 1-5 mm

magnetic drums

Working Txingbangerature: Stove300°C / Pipes180-200°C

Consumption of wood waste:20 kg/h

Weight: 1000/1100 kg

Overall size: 7*2*4 m

Pack size: 1.5*1.06*1.1 m

2.44*1.22*1.55 m

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drum magnetic

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