How to Use the Lubricating Oil about Ball Mill

Ball mill is the crushing equipment of the ore dressing equipment among mining machienry. With the domestic constant development , it has become the necessary equipment of the industry economic, which can be applied in the road,coal ore, building materials, metallurgy, railway, water conservancy and other fields. And it can crusher hard stone and material with hardness below 320mpa.

Ball mill gear ring and pinion adopts automatic spray lubrication, pneumatic pump through a pipeline in the oil tank lubricating grease by the nozzle timing is uniformly sprayed to ball mill gear ring and pinion gear surface surface, keep good lubrication. Spray systems require users to provide instrument compressed air spray system, equipped with oil pressure detection switch, a nozzle detection switch and other instruments to ensure the stable operation of the lubrication system of ball mill.

Ball mill gear lubricating oil using method:

1. in the ball mill and ball mill originally running when you start using graphite grease using artificial painting method for lubrication, because in the beginning, the ball mill gear tooth surface oil film is insufficient, have not been fully grinding, if not doing so can lead to tooth surface pitting corrosion or wear.

2. in the ball mill test process ( or replace the bearing gear tooth surface ) in order to improve the corrosion resistance of grinding capability and tooth surface contact area and improve the tooth surface roughness, is selected to improve the tooth face anti wear lubricant, lubrication oil fog continuous automatic lubrication.

3. in the ball mill during normal operation, selection can improve the gear bearing capacity, wear resistance, resistance to pitting corrosion ability and improve oil film adhesion ability of lubricants, lubricating methods used spray automatic continuous lubrication.

Mining equipment such as Rock crusher is now used in construction field to crush large building wastes. On one hand, the disposed wastes are small in size which makes them easy to transport and place. Meanwhile, this practice reduces the cost onmanual work. On the other hand, those disposed wastes can be processed directly and transformed into raw materials that are used to make building materials, thus, a perfect wastes reuse circle is now created. Besides, the circle can save more resources and is environmental-friendly. Then, the problem is that which kind of crushing equipment is the most suitable machine in dealing with the building wastes.

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