I am on the first two days

Confused the late spring, mulberry bag blankly sitting by the river, watching the quiet surface of the lake, the heart is actually more of a confused and helpless.
“On the first two days, the homework is difficult, more jobs, exam become frequent easily grabbed a stone to go to the lake to drop, float to the surface layers of the lake So ripples” sick of it, if there is no work and examinations oppression nice ah! ”
Think of these eyes can not help but overflow a few tears and looked down the ripples of direction, and I saw the faint strange things on the lake’s water plants.
I crossed the clumps of grass a closer look, dark thing was strange, six robust plants called tightly seize the ripples get yellow. I look closely, it actually has water scorpion, and it is under transformation!
My eyes on the bigger it grotesque shell actually hidden in a newborn’s life, it is trying to break away from the heavy yoke, but it is fast Tilibuzhi can “refuel ah! Little things, you’ll do!” It seem to hear I’m rooting for him to exert all the strength, and finally the shell bursting.
It marching enclosure, climbed up the top of the plants, the breeze blowing the shore willow, like a hair wicker passing from its side, as if in praise of small life strong sunlight shines on the wings of its business, seems to have been impressed by its beauty.
mulberry handbags can not help but lament the dark and ugly shell actually bears such a beautiful life, finally, the crystal wings greet vibrant daylight can extend to it loaded with the dream flew up into the blue sky, flying in it sky, flying in this beautiful world.
The plants on the left of the body, only that dragonfly metamorphosis left a true record of the dragonfly metamorphosis is not easy, and the joy of a new life. Raised his head and looked lopsided dragonflies, made me more confident.
Since dragonfly metamorphosis eventually fly in the endless sky, then why did I not? I appreciate dragonfly revelation to me.
I want to fly, fly to the sky vertices fly tired, are not allowed to own or fall, until the sun on my fingers.
I want to fly, leap the edge of the world, the end, are not allowed to falling tears, should remain the most shocking cry brilliant instant.
The first two days of hard, is tired, but really our life metamorphosis a great moment. mulberry sale want to use the self-confidence to fly!

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