Rocket was the nemesis swept

New Jordans War four times this season with the Nuggets, Rockets totally defeated and are difficult to see every win hope. Nuggets has become the arch-nemesis of the rocket. For the Rockets, if you want to create some movement in the playoffs, prefer to touch the Spurs and Thunder, also not touch Nuggets, because the Rockets the ball wind happens to be the Nuggets restraint. Denver is currently ranked third in the west, and is likely to eventually hold this position. Rockets currently ranked Name seventh in the west, behind the sixth Warriors 1.5 games. Not long ago, rocket and soldiers had pledged to the sixth position of the impact of western. It now appears that, rushed sixth may not be the best choice. Rockets this season to the fast break, and one-third, be able to rely on two pieces of magic, so some teams by surprise, but the Nuggets in front, two pieces of magic all the failures. Nuggets athletic ability than rocket excellent, they are faster, threes no way inferior. Tantamount to a dead end and the Nuggets than fast.
New Jordans2013April 7 rocket away to the lack of Lawson and Gallinari, Nuggets, the first section rely on three-pointers, 10 points ahead to 35 than 25, but in the second opponent easily pull back, hit opponents 39 more than 21 months, from 10 points ahead, into eight points behind. The third quarter, the Nuggets and crazy under the H-38 points, extended the lead to 20 points from top tobottom, thefourth quarter basically became garbage time. Biggest crux throws the ball to them and let them score easily, they take advantage of the mistakes we get 32 ??points, grabbed offensive rebounds and scored 18 points in the use of secondary offensive ball thrown at them, put easy layup, so that’s really hard to win, “McHale are helpless before the fact, if you look back at three and Nuggets clash, the Rockets lose basically exactly the same, more turnovers super, this war rocket appear 18 times Mistakes. Grips with the Nuggets before the Rockets won four straight, the post player Asik, Greg Smith, Terrence Jones and Modi Ye Yunus brave performance, rebounds are better than the opponents. Contest, and Nuggets the rocket the insider flew failure, rebounding by 41 to 46 percent loss to the Nuggets.
Jordan 5 Grapes Asik and Smith had 10 points in total, while the Nuggets Farid only played 24 minutes, scored 13 points. Ku Fusi, Anthony Randolph and McGee’s performance is also commendable. The the rocket inside scoring to 44 points is pretty good, but the Nuggets this war inside scoring to terror 74 points! Although the Nuggets lack Lawson and Gallinari, brave state Fournier and Corey Brewer bench. “We played well in the first quarter, but the Nuggets Fournier and Brewer up, immediately change the whole situation,” McHale said. Jeremy Lin, said dealing with the Nuggets must learn to control the rhythm.

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