The beauty of a deciduous

Westerly wind blows cold, wandering in the street. Yellow leaves children dreary fall from the trees were dying to be the best, like the dying patient, the head could not lift. The homeless must also lamented the anguish of the world. The westerly discourse the ears linger: “Son, mulberry bag useless.” Group of deciduous do not know what kind of attitude they have, for my girls defeated sympathy? Disdain? Contempt?
“Look, this is what fraction? How you learn? ……” Began, and did not know this rambling lesson to continue until when. Mom and Dad, you will not be able to forgive me for such a time of mistakes? Can not be like the other children’s parents to give me encourage it? In your eyes impressively 80 points, signs I do not work hard. A long sigh, why the success or failure only with the results measured? The tears in the eyes expansion the raindrops falling second before I throw them out of the house.
The street was Joseph westerly proud swaying, like against me in general. The cool autumn and left some sunshine, but here people are not the least bit warm. Tears like the raging water of the Yellow River, Taotao without a break, I squatted on the side of the road, crying became Lei Rener. Why I ask parents so severely? Why?
“Rushing”, Youyuanerjin sanitation workers cleaning deciduous voice. “What’s up, little girl? What is so sad na?” An amiable women kindly asked me. Alas, this pair of embarrassment by whom see will be ridiculed. My red eyes looked on her, and sheepishly taken back. The exam is not good, my parents called me … “mulberry outlet said gently. “Do not cry, What! Your eyes so bright, do not let the tears them confused red inflamed swollen! There are a lot of good things in this world you did not find it,” I joked: “What a beautiful thing, The good things never come into my head! “That can not be discouraged, ah, God who is fair, one day you will find.” she spoke carefully, and handed me a piece of paper towel.
“Look at these leaves, really good-looking, I’m not willing to put them dropping the” I looked at the pile of fallen leaves, Huangcan some really moving, like sheets of gold butterfly wings. Think of those verses: “deciduous – finally get rid of the wind bullying distress, calm and silent embrace involved in root; hard to leave that regret and loneliness left has had each of the branches.”
Tears no longer raging, just watching those yellow leaves, seems to have in mind what a jolt go. “You see, they are more than pretty multi happy one day, you will be so happy!” Sanitation workers, then gently brushed my wounded soul. Wipe away the tears, thinking of her remarks, quietly passing hint of my brow enlightened hearts slowly generate a glimmer of hope, bursts OK.
Sanitation workers still sweeping fallen leaves, just feel her movements are so gentle, then there is love, then the United States. That broom across the place, and fly over the beautiful golden! mulberry uk began to believe I can se OK.
Eyes filled with warmth, Cecil strands of sunlight to illuminate the heart, the autumn rolled yellow leaves joking with me, it’s beautiful …

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