The Liner Affect the Representation of Ball Mill

With its advantages of high adaptability to raw materials, continuous production, large crushing ratio and easy-to-adjust products fineness, cement ball mill has been widely used in grinding raw materials and finished products in cement factory and milling other materials in metallurgy, chemical, power and other industrial enterprises. It can be used in open circuit grinding, also used in close-circuit grinding with separator; can work both in dry process method and wet process method, and can simultaneously grind during drying operations. At this point, Hongxing Machinery shares its working principle, classification and characteristics of the mill with all the customers.

As we all know , ball mill is the important equipment among the ore dressing equipments , no matter it is mining , metallurgy , chemicals , buildings . These ball mill series has close relationship with the important parts , the liner . Currently the liner among various ball mill series is make of rubber . As the uncertainty of the rubber liner , such as bubbles , delaminating , these cases will lead the equipments to not work usually , which directly affect the whole performance of the ball mill .

Nowadays , the most advanced mending methods are : if the area is small , it is fit to adopt sealant to make up ; if the area is large , you can consider adopting cold vulcanization rubber liner to make up . But before that , we should consider whether the cohesive strength is OK . If it is , you should wait about 15 days and then it can work.

The kind of ultracritical rotation speed ball mill is a new ore grinding machine that is based on the super gravity theory and its grinding theory is complete different from the traditional mills. Its main characteristics are working on the condition that the rotation speed is higher than the ultracritical speed and its orient structure changes the movement locus of the ores and grinding media which makes the ores and grinding media move according to the designed parabolic path. In the milling process, the guide mechanism suffers from severe impact of the ores and grinding media and its deformation and stress strain condition is difficult to be directly tested and analyzed because the barrel of the ball mill is sealed outside. One the guide mechanism is damaged, the ore grinding process at the ultracritical rotation speed will not exist.

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