The Pacers lock strive top

Jordans 2013 This season the previous three games against the Bulls victory, although only won a total of eight points. Bulls piston has a 18-game winning streak, the last time they lost to the piston or in 2008.Bulls also compete for the first round of home advantage, but today after losing two games behind the Nets, the situation is not good.Derek – Rose may be back this season, but the Bulls do not expect to rely on him. While shorthanded, after the opening, they played a 9-2 wave of attacks, more than half of the first section to a 18-7 lead. Pistons began to fight back, the end of this section will recover as the score 23-26Villanueva third hit twice, the piston in the second quarter quickly overtake the first half leading 50-46.Bull wounded too much, lol – Deng did not play the third quarter continued to be the piston pressing play, once reached double-digit gap between the two sides, after three quarters, the Bulls 67-75 behind.
New Jordans Piston to a wave of 8-2 to start the fourth quarter, in one fell swoop to expand the advantage to 83-69. This section going on for nearly five minutes, the Bulls only to hit a ball. Just back from NOAA Since then shooting also assists Boozer, but the Bulls unable to narrow the gap to single digits.Jazz 97 – Warriors 90Jazz (41-37) two-game winning streak occupy the eighth position in the West, half-field advantage. Mo – Williams hit a key three-point in mind, had 25 points and five assists, Al – Al Jefferson 19 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists, 13 points and six assists Gordon – Hayward, Paul – Millsap 11 points, Derek – Phevos 12 points and 13 rebounds.The Warriors (44-33) three-game winning streak, not to get ahead of the playoff tickets. – Stephen Curry had 22 points and five assists, Craig – Thompson 20 points, David – Lee 21 points and 13 rebounds.Before the game, the Lakers [microblogging] lost to the Clippers [microblogging], jazz has returned to eighth in the West. Lakers captains can only expect the Warriors to help them succeed, but the Warriors did not complete the task.
New Jordans 2013 The Warriors have been ashore, as long as the clinch playoff tickets will be able to lock the Jazz will have to Sike is the last one of those places.After the opening two teams hit a very heated, Tinsley hit pointer by the Cavaliers, Jazz to 24-27 behind.II more than half, Thompson hit third, the Warriors a 41-35 lead, but they are suddenly in trouble, the next five minutes failed to hit a ball. The Jazz inside and outside the bloom, shot a wave of 21-5 to 56-46 double-digit advantage. This section of the final six minutes Warriors hit only one ball, the first half to 48-56 behind.Third quarter and 4 minutes and 56 seconds, the Warriors will recover as the score 64-65, but also to third Foye, Jefferson “three-point play succeeded, the Jazz scored eight points, to widen the gap again. After three sessions, the Jazz a 77-69 lead.Game 1 minute 21 seconds, David – Lee break layup, the Warriors will recover as the score 90-93. Since the two teams have shot 14.9 seconds in the game after 7 shot only 1 Mo – Williams hit the third shot, the Jazz leading 96-90, announced the death penalty for the Warriors.

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