The rocket still need anti-counter-attack

Cheap Jordans Regular season left the game about five games, playoffs, the smoke has begun to diffuse the western 6 to 8, the situation is still clouded in confusion, the Lakers only 9, how a random Zile in the West, only five teams sit back and relax, they are the Spurs, Thunder, Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers and Grizzlies, the five teams already booked a ticket to the playoffs. Some teams has been locked in more than 10 games in advance of playoff places after the Grizzlies beat the Celtics before, they will record up to 47 wins, plus when the Lakers and Jazz have been encountered lost directly help the Grizzlies more than 10 games left in the regular season to lock up a playoff spot.
New Jordans Spurs current record of 57 wins and 20 losses, the highest in the west. Thunder’s record is 56 wins and 21 losses, the second in the West. Nuggets compared with 53 wins and 24 losses, the Clippers 51 wins and 26 losses, Grizzlies 52 wins and 25 losses. The question now is the the western top five final rankings. Warriors and rockets were ranked in the west section 6 and 7 of their current record is 44 wins, 33 losses and 43 wins and 34 losses, the two teams recently met with failure, but fortunately these two teams than the west Section 8 of the Jazz at least 2.5 wins. Warriors just need to win a game, will ensure a playoff spot. Next, the Warriors were also are fighting with the Thunder and the Spurs game, also played against the Lakers, the other teams are west of bottom-ranked team. If the Warriors can maintain this state, then they are likely to miss the playoffs five seasons after the return to the stage of the playoffs.
New Jordans 2013 Rocket in the next five games, which need to face a powerful enemy is running, they just touch the Grizzlies (1), the Lakers (1) a team like the other teams are western ranked by After team. Although the schedule is more relaxed, but the Rockets are not the effect, because the gap between them and the Jazz and the Lakers are not too large, the slightest mistake, the rocket is also possible in the gutter capsize. Now it seems that the Lakers want to break into the playoffs is very difficult, the Lakers current record of 40 wins and 37 losses in the western part of the ninth, in theory, the Lakers in the playoffs is still promising, but the row and before not the same in the eighth initiative in their own hands, the Lakers in order to make the playoffs need to look at other people’s face. If the Warriors and rocket lock the playoffs, the Jazz is a not lose, even if the Lakers win behind all the games will go home. Lakers recently lost the derby with the Clippers, which makes them the face of jazz had to watch them later in the game, and in the next five games, the Lakers also need to face the Warriors, Spurs and rocket The western teams want to make the playoffs, requires more than just hard work, may also need some luck. Jazz record is 41 wins and 37 losses, it is noteworthy, jazz 2 game winning streak, the situation is excellent. And the subsequent four games, the Jazz have a tough fight against the Thunder and Grizzlies, Sir 4 games are not 100% sure win. However, they now will determine the final playoff tickets right to hold it in their own hands, if we can maintain the current state, they may be able to have the last laugh.

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