Useful Performance of Classifier


Classifiers are widely used in the dressing plant and can combine the Ball mill to form the closed-circuit circulation process. In the gravity mill, it is used for classifying the mineral sand and fine mud; in the metal ore dressing process, it is used for classifying the ore pulp; in the ore-washing operation, it is used for desliming and dewatering operation. The mining spirals have the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work, and simple operation.
3. Working principle:
Due to different particles sizes and different specific gravities, the solid material will has different sedimentation velocity in a liquid. Due to this theory, the spiral classifier can make the fine mineral particles outflow the water and the coarse mineral particles sink to bottom. The machine base is made of channel steel and the body is made of welded steel plate. The water inlet of spiral axle and axle head adopt pig iron which is durable and wear-resisting. The lifting equipment can be divided into motor operation and hand operation.
The relationship between the slot width and handling ability of the Spiral separator :
The width of the trough has a significant relationship with the discharge speed and discharge amount of the overflow product. The wider trough will lead the rapid discharge speed. Thus the coarse grain wills more possibility discharge with the overflow drain. But on the other hand, the wider trough will make the subsidence area greater and the material is easier to settlement. Thus the width of the trough has a small influence on the classifying effect and a large influence on the handling ability of the spiral separator. The width of the trough, the processing capacity is also large; conversely, the processing capacity is small. The slot width of the classifier should be compatible with the size of the processing power of the grinding machine.
The structure of spiral separator
Grader is mainly composed with transmission device, spirochetes, tank, lifting mechanism, lower seat (bush) and row ore valve.

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