Zijin remaining 5 war can only lose one game?

New Jordans Utah Jazz 97-90 victory over the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers [microblogging] lost 95-109 Los Angeles Derby. In fierce West End grab eight of the war, the Lakers once again down to leeward.Lakers record is 40 wins and 37 losses, the remaining five games – the main one-off, are home to play the Hornets, Trail Blazers hit the road, home to play the Warriors, Spurs and Rockets. Jazz is 41 wins and 37 losses, the remaining four games – 2 main customer are home to play the Thunder, Timberwolves, the road to play the Timberwolves and Grizzlies.
New Jordans 2013 Not far from the race more difficult for the Lakers and Jazz. Hornets, Portland and Minnesota are lottery teams, the remaining 10 days should be placed to fight the good fight for a more ideal draft pick. The variable is the closing stages of the opponents, such as the Lakers beat the Spurs and Rockets, Jazz beat the Grizzlies. These opponents when there is no record of pressure, not frozen main waiting for the playoffs, will greatly affect the outcome of the game balance.For the Lakers, the bad news is they battle record to 1-2 behind the jazz, it is necessary to better record in order to qualify for the playoffs, tie Bureau will go home early. In this case, nothing more than several situations: Jazz 0-4, the Lakers at least win two; jazz wins, 3 losses, the Lakers to win at least three games; jazz 2 wins and 2 losses, the Lakers to win at least four games; jazz 3 wins 1 loss, the Lakers must be five games victory; the Jazz 4-0 Lakers definitely out.
Jordan 5 Grapes Jazz 7 wins and 1 state, the outcome of the remaining schedule and female should not be too much expectations, which requires the Lakers next 4 wins and 1 or better. Grand Army who did not grasp the status of the fight of the moment, I really can have such a good ending? In short, the Lakers have the Jazz pushed the edge of a cliff, the next five games any mishap will pay a deadly price.

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