Bucket Elevator Adopts the VVVF Technology

The VVVF technology is the abbreviation of the variable voltage and variable frequency technology. Currently, it is widely used in the bucket elevator.
VVVF technology advantages:
1, it adopts the wide grid voltage: the ± 20% grid voltage can calmly deal with different grid conditions;
2, the new dual-CPU hardware platform significantly improves the control performance, realizing the upgrade of the constant torque so that the load of the bucket elevator will not be affected by the network fluctuations;
3, the strong load capacity and large starting torque realize the soft start of the motor;
4, it can achieve step-less adjustment of the motor and the current impact is small, greatly reducing the mechanical impact strength;
5, it is easy to connect with the interface of the external control device to realize the flexible control.
6, the usage of the dynamic braking, regenerative braking or the super capacitor absorption technology successfully resolve the handling of the renewable energy when the machine is in fast operation or deceleration or jerk, guaranteeing the safe operation of the inverter;
7, the energy saving effect is very obvious, especially in the low-speed range.
The selection of the inverter:
The motor model specifications of the bucket elevator are usually the 95KW/110KW/132KW. The according selection of the inverter is INVT vector-CHV hoist inverter 110KW/132KW/160KW.
INVT hoist inverter uses the Siemens IGBT as the main circuit power devices and adopts the microprocessor-based to realize the fully digital control. The control software specializes in the load design, fully taking the special requirements in the actual operation of the bucket elevator into account and adopting the various measures to ensure the safe operation of the system. It can can set a variety of parameters to meet the operating needs in different operating conditions .


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