Buy stocking

New Year approaching, mulberry bag mother and I’m going to buy stocking Jiahui supermarket.
Into a supermarket, waves of good music lively and rhythmic. Once inside, is selling bread, tasty baked bread, painted jam sandwich bread, greedy I just drool. Went to the snack area, a variety of retail caught my eye. My mother brought a basket and said: you pick “I picked” a lot of fish, BAK potato chips “and put the basket. Then, we went to the toy area, where the toys can be really ah! A dozen rats, pet machine, there are cars, all kinds of toys for me to see dazzling. I took a Winnie the doll, looked at the price of 40 yuan, mulberry handbags want to give it to a small partner of the same floor. Then, my mother and I went to the supplies area, there are cups, toothbrushes, towels, etc.. Mom chose some daily necessities, such as bowls, toothpaste, toilet paper. After you’ve finished, we went to the cashier, the cashier row of a lot of people, like a long queue, they are to buy stocking. Finally our turn, and mother to get the thing on the checkout counter, the cashier amount cleared with a computer, I asked: “How?” 133 “. The mother took out the bag, two 100 bills and handed the cashier, the cashier looking to us 67 yuan and an invoice, mulberry sale will go.
New Year approaching, every house a new look to greet the new year!

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