Professional Automatic Wood Flaker

Detailed Product Description

Professional Automatic Wood Flaker

1.CE approved

2.Full automatic

3.High efficient

4.Low energy

Professional Automatic Wood Flaker

Product Introduction

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The Wood Shaving Machine, also called Wood Paring Machine, or Wood Flaker (Machine), includes rack, the platform on the rack, knife rest, cutters, diesel engine etc.


The machine is mainly used to shave timbers, wood logs, branches and plate edges into wood shavings.

It can be widely used for making shaving board/chipboard, raw materials of paper making industry, transport fillings for fragile things, and fillings for all kinds of animals,ore seperator such as pigs, cows, cattles and sheep. It can also be used as biological energy source.

Working Principle

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1.Put the raw materials into the feeding hole;

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2.Cut the materials by the cutters, and then put them into the pulverizing room;

3.Strike and crush them by the hammer and shear knife in high-speed revolution;

4.Send out the finished products through the screen by wind power;

5.The particles size can be adjusted by the size of the blades and mesh aperture.

Technical Parameters

Model 400 500 600
Cutter Diameter(mm) 400 500 600
Blade Quantity 4 4 4
Blade Length(mm) 100 130 150
Inlet Size(mm) 150*150 200*200 250*-250
Rotaty Speed(r/min) 2600 2600 2500
Motor Power(kw) 5.5-7.5 7.5-11 15-18
Diesel Engine(hp) 15 20 30
Capacity(kg/h) 500-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000

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