Three Preparation Steps Before Installation

Among the factors that affect the efficiency of the classifier, the preparation work before the installation of the classifier machine is an important part, which is the basic condition to guarantee the normal operation of the machine. The following are the three steps for the preparation work before installation.
Firstly, the anti-rust oil, shield and the dust and dirt on the processing surface of all parts and components must be removed before the installation of energy saving classifier. Secondly, the operator should check the working surface and thread of the parts to eliminate the defects generated in the process of transport and handling. As for the components that have been assembled, they should be carefully checked. If there are damaged ones or lost ones in the transportation, the defective parts should be fixed and the missing pieces should be complemented. In addition, when the energy grading machine is installed, processing surface should be lubricated. The fixed surface should be lubricated with the dry oil and the movable surface should be lubricated with the thin oil. All slots on the should be kept clean and clear and it should be ensured that there is no grease on the cement surface that is poured at last. Finally, in the installation, the operators should protect the friction surface, which can not be scrubbed with cotton or dirty oil. The machined surface of the parts that is easy to be dirty should be covered by the special guard and clean canvas.
The three steps mentioned above are the preparation work that needs to be done before the installation of the classifiers to reduce the failure and guarantee the efficiency.


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