Charming daffodils

In the kingdom of flowers, extremely bright roses, chrysanthemum colorful Plum Hanbaoyufang, like ruby rose … but mulberry bag favorite is still beautiful daffodils.
This morning, my classmates brought daffodil pot Hanbaoyufang, placed in a windowsill. Students saw, excited, a crammed head drill appreciate it!
The roots of the daffodils really like one large onion, the following long white fibrous roots, a root dense, extends into the cracks of the stone pots scrambling to absorb the nutrition. mulberry outlet A root leaf green, upright, full of vitality. Which the blossoming small flowers dotted among the green leaves, daffodils five milky flower petals tightly around the core. Yellow stamens, looking like a slim princess dancing in flowers. We bent down, leaned a smell, ah, a fragrance intoxicating Heart and intoxicated.
Often daffodils as “Limbo fairy words is really good. Class ever since have this “fairy”, seems to have added a bit Xianqi. Ah, mulberry uk love you – daffodils!

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