Features and wide use of mining roller crusher

The Roll Crusher (or Roller Crusher ) is used for the middle crushing and fine crushing of various ores and rocks of mid-hardness in the industries of mining, chemicals, cement plant, building materials and others. This crusher has a simple structure and is operated conveniently. Product size can be changed by adjusting the space between two rollers.

Many customers is is estimated to meet the problem of roll crusher blocking when the machine at work. This is the situation that affect production, and cause laborious trouble, many users know that the suddenly roller crusher blocking is serious when use the roll crusher, then what to do if the roll crusher blocking appeared? Hongxing Machinery technical staff according to their own years of experience of the machinery industry to explain how to deal with clogging problem of the roll crusher: Roll crusher blockage is one of the common failure when continuous use the machine. May be the design has problem, but more due to the improper use of operation.

Features of the Roll Crusher:

1. In the grinding system equipped with PDG-II on the roll crusher, production capacity can be fully tapped, generally increasing production by 30% to 40%, while total energy consumption can be reduced by 20% to 30%.

2. Compact and light weight, for the same grinding system capacity requirements, PDG-II on the roll crusher can significantly save on costs.

3. The structure is simple, requires a small work space, with convenient operation and maintenance.

4. Working environment enhanced via a dust-proof plate, tight seals and reduced noise.

5. Abrasive roller weight to optimize the design of the mill roll”s service life. Older machines instead opt to replace the body roll.

6. The roller crusher is equipped with safety guards to protect against unexpected metallic iron in the crushing chamber.7. Structure is practical with low operating costs, smooth operation, high crushing efficiency, and adjustable particle size.

Material feed too fast and the load increases is one of the causes of blockage. People must pay attention to the large deflection angle of the ammeter pointer, if it exceed the rated current, indicating that the motor is overload, if overload for a long time will burn out the motor. This situation should immediately reduce or close the feed door, you can also change the feed way to control the feed rate by increasing a feeder. This is a good way to solve roller crusher blocking. Hongxing Machinery roll crusher machine has high quality and can greatly reduce the blockage problem itself.

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