Professional and excellent features of fine crusher

Qualified materials through the counter sieve to fold after a fight against the impact a large number of small particles and powder. The crushing chamber is non-qualified small particulate material into the adjustable back plate and circular plate with hammerhead turning circle consisting of extrusion grinding was broken by the third channel discharge. Third: “rock stone” design principles as the machine in the coarse crushing chamber, greatly reducing hammer wear, while the new entrants into the impact crusher qualified materials, or crude materials of the crushing chamber can be discharged in time, but also substantially improve Taiwan production, reduce energy consumption.

Spindle ends with a fluid dynamic bearing support on the rack. Guard group is divided into a number of pieces fixed on the box to protect the box from wear and tear, and the formation of different forms of counter-attack the crushing chamber. The box is divided into two parts by bolted for easy disassembly and repair. Hammer cross non-overlapping arrangement, and the hammer width is greater than the axis of the hammer crusher frame and contour, to ensure the hammer involved in crushing the full length of the rotor and arranged by hammerhead inactive in the hammer head the fight against material reduces the energy loss, resulting in improved crushing efficiency. Second: The device structure design principles from stone to stone, the equipment consists of coarse crushing chamber, the crushing cavity wedge adjustable back plate and circular plate consisting of impact cavity, and three discharge channels.

Professional and innovative technology, excellent quality assurance, professional to do the mechanical Red Star brand, it is worth everyone”s trust. We want to develop their own innovative brand products, such crusher industry can be a steady stream of the injection of new products, crushing machine industry will be getting better and better.

Derivative material feed inlet screen with the kinetic energy of the material from the belt conveyor into the broken material to be screened, qualified material discharged from the first channel. Large particulate material into coarse crushing chamber hammer strike zone, and by high-speed rotating hammer strikes, flying along the hammerhead turning circle tangent direction slammed into the primary crushing cavity the counterattack screen, broken by cutting along a specific direction to return focused on hammerhead turning circle the top of somewhere to the formation of intensive collisions materials layer, the successor to the materials enter the crusher launched into dense material layer as the “bullet” targeting coarse crushing cavity, just as a hail of bullets, Bullets..

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