The magnetic characteristics of magnetite

The magnetic characteristics of magnetite

According to the body appearance Magnetic separator is divided into belt type magnetic separator, cylindrical magnetic separator, roll type magnetic separator, disc type magnetic separator machine, ring type magnetic separator, cage type magnetic separator and pulley type magnetic separator.
Weak magnetic separator: the pole surface magnetic field strength H0=72—136 KA/m, strength HgradH = (2.5—5.0)1011 Ann 2/ m 3;
Middle magnetic separator: the pole surface magnetic field strength H0=160—480 KA/m;
Strong magnetic separator: the pole surface magnetic field strength H0=480—1600 KA/m, strength HgradH = (1.5—6.0) 1013 Ann 2/ m 3;
Magnetite can be used as a classic representative of strong magnetic minerals, it belongs to ferrous magnetic material; it have more complex magnetism due to its internal magnetic structure (namely Spontaneous magnetization over small area), the magnetic characteristics can be summed up in the following:
① Magnetic strength and magnetized coefficient is very big, with the phenomenon of magnetic saturation, and can be saturated in the lower external magnetic field intensity.
② There are curvilinear relationship between Magnetic strength, magnetized coefficient and the external magnetic field intensity, and magnetized coefficient is not a constant. Strength of minerals is in relevant with its properties, but also to the historical change of external magnetic field.
③ There are hysteresis of minerals, it still retain some residual magnetism when it deviate from magnetized materials; To remove residual magnetism, a reverse magnetic field should be added to completely remove the magnetic field intensity H, which is called coercive force
④ The magnetism change with temperature, there will exist the phenomenon of paramagnetism when the temperature is higher than the critical temperature-Curie and its internal magnetic structure is small.
⑤ The magnetism changes with the strength of magnetic field in the outside, but also with shape and size of its own particle and degree of oxidation.

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