Success is not easy

I am a wax plum tree, growth in – call him master of the garden, my mother said I this year is about to blossom. Listen to others said my master is the emperor, but how do I don’t like at all. Where have the emperor is sleeping on the Chai Caodui, and a day to taste the taste of the gall. See, you see him again in taste gall. One night, the master came to my side, looked at me and looked at the starry starry night sky. And Shouting ‘I must be a model! ‘I listen to this just sure I stood beside the original really is the emperor.
Day day to day in the past, the host still slept thatch, and the gall. That bile much bitter ah, look at me every day hair bone ‘stand, let alone tasted, watching nudiflorum opened, peach blossom open. And I? Did not even long shoots out of it. I am not discouraged, under the hot sun exposure, the roar of the north wind in winter, I don’t bow to them. The cold winter is gone, I am a little flower on the branches of finally opened. I am very happy, and the garden are also more and more in and out, after a few day already open flower is full of trees, when I saw my master wearing armor led the army to go out. The voice more and more far, in the garden just leave light faint scent.
After a while. My master is back. He a full face of smile, and talked with the person next to. When I know the generals must be played battle, zionist succeeded and I Tao flowers withered branches. But I still very happy, because I have experienced the pains of for a long time, also blossom fragrance.
In the dead of night, I again see the host in the taste of bitterness, I really don’t understand, not all have already played battle, why still so wronged themselves? The next day the master came to my side, soliloquize ground to say a lot of words. I listen to this just suddenly enlightened, originally the master have the gall to every day.
Yes, I know that success is not easy. Do not experience wind and rain, suffer, struggle to be successful without temper. Only pay can return


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