The Stolen Cell Phone, The Cop, and Victoria’s Secret_3

“Number 46, number 46 to customer service agent 3.”

She presented herself and her contract cheap cartier watches, explained that her cell phone had been stolen, by this time about 40 minutes ago, that she had called customer service and been told she had to come to the store david yurman jewelry. She told the man she was worried about the thief already incurring charges on her plan and she wanted the number cancelled and to get a new phone.

“Of, course cartier glasses. I can help you with that.”

The customer service man didn’t look at her contract. He told her he had it all in the computer. Pissed but silent, needing this man’s help chanel iphone 4 case, she kept her mouth shut cartier tank watches.

The man cancelled her number and promised no charges would of any phone calls in the last two hours would be billed to her Cartier Glasses. Whew waterproof iphone case. Then he told her he would be happy to show her phones she could buy to replace her stolen one.

“Excuse me? Did you say buy? As in purchase with my own money?”

“Yes cartier eyeglasses. You’ll need a replacement phone since you’ve signed up for a two-year plan Cartier Watches. You’ll be charged the monthly rate whether you have or use the phone or not. Right over here on this wall we have some… cheap running shoes..’

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