Township water leisurely let me enchanted

mulberry bags  from my grandmother’s home in suzhou rural areas, where the noise of the earth, but leave a lingering of xiangyin, long home to water, and the grandmother prepared “biluochun”…
“Here is the world of water, see the Chen Xi river across the town, the personnel view love melt in the water soon spread out…” Listen to Mr Yu told the story of this small town township water takes no account of the god, or did you go to the water’s edge for a walk, to feel breath of township water.
Walking down during the summer, mulberry handbags , suddenly feel the cool breeze raid, along the cool breeze, a few steps, indeed, find a quiet river around the waterfront town.
Everything is silent, I crept, dare not exclusive to break the peace. Cold that the river like jade, immortal mirror, or bead tracts? At that time I was shocked, I didn’t know why the modification. Why, of course, the most care about is mulberry bags sale  is so cool? You fine, found out the story, the red sun, just into the river central, unfathomable uh guano scattering on the surface of the water out of all the colorful light, light and as if intoxicated by the water, take off the robe, layer upon layer of hot China finally become little spot, in leisurely Cambridge in screw samples, like the dancing bee’s “eight”…
Breeze raids, blowing a flock of wild ducks, leisurely across layers of concentric rings in the water, and then is breezily dragonfly, a few touch water embellish, I liked this, isn’t it “dragonfly water leisurely fly”?
Cheap mulberry bags  and scenery in this moment really phase harmonic, and, with this inspiration, swiping my pen, I as a little dancing XinYu beating, tender thoughts float into the sky, let filar silk sorrow mood into the water, I wrote my first poem gently — version “Oriental Venice”.
Casual a shop went into the water, look up, a village girl, brushing her long braid was holding a wooden stick in the water washing, light birds head, ear brood on twitter, she gently dry pearly sweat. Distance, smoke rises, visible hazy blue bricks white tile. I didn’t mean to leave, don’t know is intoxicated in the paradise, or is nostalgia this angelic beauty in suzhou?
Intoxicated by the water above the township, don’t know how many people, they are not nourish the number of years of culture. Black night, mulberry bags outlet  like water, water, such as day, quietly: separate the water in the “the back garden of the Chinese culture”, the township water intoxicated by tong pak fu, jin sheng-tan, or small I…

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