Expected in the near future, the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system, car host must be everywheres

16-18 May 2012, the three-day Third China Satellite Navigation academic opening in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center as one of the units of the alliance members in 25 Beidou satellite navigation industry in Guangdong Province Covey, carrying 45 paragraph latest car Compass-GPS dual-mode satellite navigation and single positioning vehicle Beidou satellite navigation series debut the current academic year. The Annual Conference and Exhibition is divided into the China Pavilion and the Guangdong Pavilion two large-scale concentrated expression of the Beidou satellite navigation industry,http://www.cheapairjordanshoeok.com/, the latest R & D results.

Covey on behalf of (third from left) came to receive members of the League of certificate and plaque

    It is understood that since August 2011, Covey became China’s Beidou satellite navigation and vehicle applications promote group members of the Group since the initiative to undertake the research and development and promote the application of car Beidou-GPS satellite navigation and dual-mode terminals. Done a lot of measurement work on the Beidou navigation and positioning module and GPS navigation and positioning module, the whole sky, 1/2 of sky, 1/4 of sky environment, single-Beidou satellite positioning, a single GPS satellite positioning, Beidou satellite and GPS satellite co-locating three different modes, mature foreign domestic BD / GPS dual-mode navigation module with U-BLOX GPS navigation module, a precision analysis Beidou navigation to meet the navigation field, monitoring, field and location services and other civil applications, has made certain achievements. Next, Covey will car Beidou satellite navigation terminal products positive to car networking and intelligent transportation and other areas of the development, production and application.

The head of the General Armament Department as the Chake Wei the Cailan Bo, deputy director, accompanied by Chinese Pavilion

    Expected in the near future, the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system, car host must be everywhere, the market and prospect is broad,http://www.scarpehoganoutletscarpe.com/. Covey as a leader in the automotive electronics industry, the Beidou satellite navigation industry market popularization and application, continue to play an R & D strengths with the National Compass satellite navigation the industrialization process of market-oriented, should be made for the state and national industry flourished some contributions, but also provide more leading-edge products to consumers at home and abroad experience.

Around the country school bus accidents continue to frequent warning, car video and other automotive electronics in the management of the school bus, the role played by more and more people’s attention, car 3G real-time video transmission system more widely.

As the automotive aftermarket safety of electronic products research and development, production companies, Shenzhen City, East Win Technology Co,http://www.scarpehoganscarpeit.com/., Ltd. is one of the industry’s earlier introduction of school bus safety intelligent management system as a whole solution. More than 10 years of vehicle safety Intelligent Systems precipitation technology and market insight and forward-looking, so that the SEA Games Technology reputation in the industry and technology were far ahead.

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