Treasure security is the safest
option to invest the money and acquire a stable return. Usually, treasure
security is associated with some trade-offs, but the rewards can compensate
them. There are four types of treasury securities, which provide and yield,
safety and good returns simultaneously.

Types of Treasure Securities:


Treasury Bill: In short, it is
termed as T-bill. This primary treasure security is availed through American
Department of Treasury. More importantly, it is traded at a discount from
apparent face value. This bill is usually a short-term investment and takes
less than a year to attain maturity. There is no issuance of interest until the
date of maturity of this bill.


Treasury Note: This is another
kind of treasury obligation. Unlike Treasury bill, the Treasury note takes two
to ten years to attain maturity. Every 6 months,, the investor gets the coupon
payments or interest payments. The investor gets the interest payments for 2, 5,
or 10 years of maturity date. The interest payments can have average value of $
1,000 to $ 10,000.


Treasury Bond: It represents the
longest maturity of all other treasure securities. This bond has a maturity
period of usually 30 years,mbt scarpe. Similar to Treasury note, this bond also offers
coupon or investment payments after every 6 months. The treasury department has
discontinued the direct issuance of this bond, from the year 2001. Now, this
kind of investment bond has become obsolete. However, this bond is widely
traded in the secondary market. Hence, it is possible to continue using it until
the maturity of last Treasury bond being issued.


Treasury Inflation Protected
Security: In short, it is termed as TIPS, This is the fourth and last type of
Treasure security. This bond is unique and differs from all other kinds of
investment securities. This investment bond offers the adjustment of principal
value of the security for inflation until the maturity date. The adjustment
amount goes with the Consumer Price Index. Due to which, the coupon or interest
payment on TIPS differ the adjusted amount. This is to protect the investor
against the demeaning effects of inflation levied on the principal amount of
the investment.


The American Department of Treasury,
which is located in the most powerful economic country of the world backs and
supports these treasury securities, so it referred as a very safe investment.


Although,, these bonds offer
relative safety to the investors, but they fail to yield growth the way any other
corporate or municipal bonds yield. Rather than growth, capital preservation is
the main objective of the people interested for investing in these treasury


Other Versions of Treasure Bonds:


Besides the above mentioned
treasury investments, the American government issues Patriot and STRIPS (Separate
Trading of Registered Interest and Principal Securities) bonds.


The maturity period of Patriot
and STRIPS Treasury bonds, falls between 1 to 30 years after the issuance date,mbt prezzi.
These Treasury bonds have a similar structure to that of a T-bill, but the
principal parts and the interests on security are distinct.


These treasury bonds maintain their
inflation with principal balance or interest rate, adjusting the Nation’s economy.

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