This article provides useful, detailed information about Prescription Sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses are designed for people who have eye disorders, but who do not wish to wear boring spectacles, They have a corrective magnifying power like the lenses of spectacles and contact lenses but are designed in a sleek trendy manner that also caters to the fashion sense of the wearer,mbt scarpe.

Prescription sunglasses are bought according to the power of the lens as prescribed by an oculist. They can either magnify or diminish images as dictated by the needs of the wearer. Prescription sunglasses are available for all kinds of people who need lesser focal length lenses as well as those who need high prescriptions. Even bifocals are available that enable the wearer to see near and distant objects clearly.

Being sunglasses, prescription sunglasses not only better the vision, but they also protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Polarized prescription sunglasses protect the eyes from severe glares from water surfaces, snow or open roads,mbt prezzi.

The demand for prescription sunglasses has shot up in recent times. Photo-chromatic prescription sunglasses are becoming quite popular. These sunglasses have special lenses that become dark in the sun and lighten up indoors. Hence, they perform the job of both sunglasses as well as spectacles.

Prescription glasses can be as trendy as the wearer wants them to be. They are available in all kinds of frames with lenses of all possible tints and materials. The common materials for designing the lenses are glass, polycarbonate and CR-39 plastic. Glass is still preferred to make prescription lenses because it has superior optical properties. All leading eyewear manufacturers produce vast lines of prescription sunglasses.

Until a few years ago, prescription sunglasses were not available in the wraparound style because the curvature of the lenses increases greatly in the wraparound style and severely distorts vision. But now,, prescription glasses with a little wraparound have been designed,mbt vendita. This little curvature provided to the glasses offers them a more contemporary look.

Computer prescription sunglasses are also designed. These glasses, when worn, facilitate the user to look at the keyboard as well as at the computer desk without tilting the head. Polarized prescription sunglasses with progressive lenses have been designed especially for presbyopic people.

Prescription sunglasses are custom-made and they vary from person to person. As such they are priced higher. There are generally no refunds while ordering prescription sunglasses.

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