Masutā Pīsu Reiyā

Master Pierce Rayer

Lieutenant Master Pierce Rayer (マスター・ピース・レイヤー, Masutā Pīsu Reiyā?) could be the commander regarding the White Dingo unit everywhere in the Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes.


A space colony concerning going to be the Earth Federation has declared itself an all in one Duchy to do with Zeon and aspect has declared war and for independence against Earth Federation. Then going to be the Zeon forces launched Operation British these all they captured a multi function space colony to educate yourself regarding how to loose a resource box everywhere over the Jaburo. The Earth Federation was able for more information on destroy some top space colony,but take heart a multi functional large aspect about going to be the colony was having said that intact and had contacted going to be the Earth’s atmosphere hitting Sidney, Australia. Everything there was divided creating Australia’s let me give you bay so that you have going to be the initial mission failing Australia was well below a going to be the control having to do with Principality to do with Zeon. Eleven some time after going to be the initial preliminary relating to going to be the war,going to be the Earth Federation finally amassed a heap of they give you and troops for additional details on launch an all in one massive counter-offensive all over the Europe called Operation Odessa. Due to learn more about the savage successful of this attack massive counter-offensives began bring an end to Michael Kors Outlet… going to be the planet Michael Kors Shoulder Bags,for that matter with your devastated country side about Australia. Leading the operation to understand more about take back Australia was Master Pierce Rayer which of you is always all over the command relating to an elite phone suit unit called White Dingo Michael Kors Outlet Store.

In the beginning relating to his missions Rayer and his a ” friend ” pilots quite a few all kinds having to do with click of a button suits the RGM-79 GM or the RGC-80 GM Cannon. Rayer have already been charged concerning being a guerrilla supporter and then for going to be the a couple of main units invading Australia michael kors bags sale. Lieutenant Rayer’s pastime and a noble often for more information regarding patrol going to be the combat zones and facilitate prepare going to be the way as well as for total victory.

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