9 Little Habits that Neutralize Anxiety

9 Little Habits that Neutralize Anxiety

Anxiety is a sensation that can occur for any number of reasons and affects almost everyone at some point in life,grapes 5. Sometimes, it is a symptom of one’s circumstances; other times, anxiety can take the form of a “disorder” all its own,grape 5s. Anxiety is often mistaken as a sign of personal weakness or dismissed as being “all in one’s head” rather than a real ailment,Coach Outlet Online. If you have ever experienced anxiety,grape 5s, however, you know that it is a very real and very unnerving condition to be in,www.foamposites2013forsales.org. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to minimize the amount of anxiety you feel as well as the extent to which it affects your life,jordan 5 grape. 1.Breathe. Breathing is about as simple as it gets, or so it seems. Although it’s true that breathing is an involuntary action, the type of breathing that neutralizes anxiety takes focus and concentration. Often, when anxiety strikes, we become panicky, agitated, and desperate. In this state, it’s sometimes easy to forget to breathe—ironically,michaelkorsun.com, this is exactly the thing we need to be doing in order to get the anxiety under control. To effectively reduce anxiety, take a few moments several times a day to perform focused breathing exercises. You can do this at any time, although it is especially effective just as you begin to feel the initial signs of anxiety settling upon you. Take a deep breath, inhaling through the nostrils, and then let it out through your mouth very slowly. Repeat ten times per session, and feel the anxiety slipping away.2.Visualize. Anxiety is often the result of feeling overwhelmed by reality. If this is true for you, take a moment a few times each day to visualize yourself somewhere else entirely. Think of a place where you would like to be – the beach, a quiet forest, beside a fireplace, for instance—and take a mental vacation. Close your eyes if you find it helpful, and mentally observe all of your surroundings, enjoying the peacefulness of the setting. Stay there as long as you like, and remember that as long as you’re there, your anxiety cannot reach you. 3.Move. Regular exercise is one of the most natural ways there is to burn off unwanted stress and anxiety. Activities that include cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and bicycling are best, but even mild exercise can reduce anxiety to some degree. Many people who suffer from anxiety find yoga especially helpful as it combines exercise with deep breathing and visualization to achieve a highly conscious and relaxed state of being.4.Drink. Staying hydrated is important for everyone, but especially for anxiety sufferers. Dehydration can deplete your body, making you feel tired and depressed—the perfect conditions for an anxiety attack to set in. Be sure to choose your beverages carefully, however. Drinks that contain caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or alcohol have been shown to increase anxiety symptoms. Try a cup of hot chamomile tea or a tall glass of ice water instead. 5.Talk. Talk to someone about the anxiety you’re experiencing. Your chosen confidante does not necessarily have to be a therapist or a psychiatrist, but that’s certainly okay too. Talking to a trusted friend or relative can help you put your circumstances and feelings into perspective. You may very likely find that this person has experienced some level of anxiety in his or her life as well, as most humans do. Discovering that what you’re feeling is normal and nothing to be afraid or ashamed of can really help alleviate your anxiety. Sharing your fears and worries can be a cathartic experience as well and help relieve the burden you’ve been carrying around by yourself.6.Enjoy. Continue to do the things you enjoy, even if you are feeling anxious. Read a book, watch a movie, paint—whatever it is that you enjoy doing. Participating in activities such as these can help get your mind off of your anxiety and encourage you to start enjoying life again. 7.Sing and Dance. Or, just choose one of the two if you like. When you’re feeling particularly anxious, turn on the radio, or put on a favorite CD. Sing and/or dance along to the music. You’re guaranteed to feel better after a few songs, even if you do feel a bit silly. The hardest part is motivating yourself to do it; after you get started, you won’t want to stop. 8.Practice positive affirmations. If part of your anxiety is worrying that you might be crazy, as is the case for many anxiety sufferers, you might be hesitant to start talking to yourself. Positive self-talk really can help alleviate your feelings of anxiety, however. You don’t have to say the words aloud if you don’t want to; just make a habit of running them through your head several times a day. Start with a simple phrase such as “I accept my situation” or “Everything is as it should be.” Combining these affirmations with deep breathing can also be very helpful. 9.Let it be. This is one of the simplest, but most challenging things you can do to reduce your anxiety. When you feel it coming on, just let it be there, and accept that you are feeling anxious. Do not try to resist it or figure out why it’s there; this only fuels the anxiety. As you allow the feelings to come in, try practicing some positive self-talk while taking some deep breaths as well.One of the most important things to remember as you manage your anxiety is that it is a normal human sensation that almost everyone experiences from time to time. Having anxiety does not mean something is wrong with you, and in fact, if you begin to perceive it as just another feeling to manage—not a problem that has to be fixed—you might be surprised to find that one day, it will simply slip away. Author’s Bio:

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