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Childhood is like a big tree, childhood like the sweet and sour fruit tree. I will take off one of the most delicious fruit, share with you.
Remember once, I back to grandma’s house, in that after the summer vacation. One day, I just woke up, found that the grandma’s planted two trees in front of the GuiHuaShu, wash a face, I immediately ran past, and they are in the effort, want to and they are higher than who, I ran into the room, while my grandma went to feed the chicken, I’m from tool room is out of gauge, measure the height of the tree first, but how to measure my height? Had, I a brainwave, come up with a good way: I use chalk mark on the wall my height first, then use ‘spirit from the ground to the tag. Ha ha, I’m taller than trees also! “Kiki, do, sneaking around,” “no, don’t do. “In this way, I proudly for several days, but when I go to the amount, the unexpected happened, GuiHuaShu incredibly is higher than me a lot, I rubbed his eyes, don’t believe this result. But I no matter how you look at it, the tree is taller than me. I hurried to find father, told dad, it consists of my father said:” who call you picky about food, you eat more food, not taller than trees? Nodded. “I understand, hear the words, I immediately took a box of biscuits, left hand right hand right hand into his mouth, first piece, have put left hand, and in this way, a box, two boxes, three boxes,” hiccup “I eat too full. Also to jump one by one. After a short rest, I slowly walked to the front GuiHuaShu, gee, why tree still taller than me? I thought: I should take the number of days is not enough, I have to do is to eat more a few days. I eat one every day, is a little high than before, but more tree is higher than me, I cried:” I grow more short. ”
Later, I just know, not I grow more short, but the tree is longer than I have to leave, so higher than me.
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