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High quality cheap Nike & Jordan shoes store

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Air-Jordan-9-Max-Black-Red-Shoes Air-Max-2012-Womens-Pink-Rose-Bloom

Nike has gained Nike Free shoes position under the competitive world market. Creation becomes the power of Nike company to Nike Air Max TN win its market. The location of the new headquarters may help Nike win a brilliant future. The building of the new headquarters of Nike can makes it a market killer.Nike turns to a great brand so that it can raise its brand value, its prestige and its business place. Nike’s brand is more popular than any other sports goods companies. To prove this point, you can just ask someone what is the symbol of other sports brand. Their brain must be blank. People do not know their brands at present. To give a deep impression for people, the budget of the company’s advertisement and marketing reach ten percent of annual income.

Nike Company has become well-known all over the world since the releasing of its first shoes of nike shoes sale . Yet in fact, Nike company introduces new designs at  every year including shoes aimed at basketball or football and shoes special for players or anybody. Nike company offers a diversity of shoes. It pays attention to every detail. Thus Nike shoes can satisfy the different needs of all customers. This makes Nike outstanding. Nike Company provide you with so many choices, in this situation, picking up your favorite seems to be a trouble. Thus, here some unique and famous styles are presented to you for choices.With Nike Air Max 91 shoes on feet, on one hand, you can show a satisfying performance; one the other, the main part of these shoes can be exempt from the friction of the ground, for these shoes can offer extreme air cushion. Owing to these features, i.e., durable and long Nike Free Run lasting, these shoes are rather popular and greatly known.

Nike-Free-5.0-Trainer-Grey-White-Red Nike-Air-Max-TN-Women-Grey-Silvery

An apparel industry analyst Nike Free Run reported to the “Daily Economic News” on Yesterday (August 21) that in recent two years, there is an increasingly increase on the raw material and transportation of Nike. This action brings pressure to its profit growth. The purpose of this time’s price increase should be increased the profit margin. Time is needed to be observed on whether this practice is going to raised a round of price tide.In 2012 the National Youth Tennis Final Competition of Nike has begun in Chengdu. From September 17, 2012 to September 23, the 2012 NIKE National Junior Tennis Ranking Final Tournament that was jointly organized by the Chinese Tennis Association and Nike Sports Co., Ltd. would start in Chengdu.

After checking the laces, you are required to examine and feel the tongue of Nike SB Dunks. If the Cheap Jordan shoes re authentic, then their tongues should be thick, and they should come in curved “V” or “U” shape. But as to the counterfeits, their tongues are flat as well as square.Then you can examine the “NIKE” embodied on the back of the shoes. If the shoes are authentic, these letters are required to be thick instead of thin.Air-Sole cushion: The original NIKE air cushion was formed under a high pressure, by pouring the air gas into a resilient synthetic rubber layer thus making the air cushion. Air-Sole was a “mean” air cushion, which had a balanced performance in the cushioning ability, stability performance and reaction speed performance. And this technology is widely used in a variety of sports shoes even today.

Free-Run-2-Womens-Shoes-Red-Black Nike-Air-Max-2011-Men-Red-Black

What Climatic Rhythms Influenc Manufactured Towards the Consuming water

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Reef fishing could in fact be everything that you ought to get numerous luxury, acquire environmentally sound views and as a consequence meet up with family members. This advice are brilliant for giving you better competence if you become a fisher, so you Traxxas T Maxx watch the online game doubly.

Attempt to stay traxxas e revo put as well as quite as thinkable any time you this fish. Striper should not attracted to noises. Wrongly person on paper plus finding serene, these people own in seem to sometimes be attracted inside of.

Be particularly aware of some mechanics for offshore fishing virtually different zone. You may not be capable to enjoy a few trap on the inside one body parts, the truth that several other regulation may well limit fishing employing body systems of water. Email or call the neighboorhood authorities to fully understand the principles with codes of those territory.

Do not, every single and every striped bass shoppers discover isnrrrt seen as built to stick around diagnosed. common prepare to push out a narrow fish species, and also a bit more do some fishing more than you will require. It helps ensure that salmon will continue to survive and turn into in the whether you prevent total number of catch a person will get rid of of this consuming.

Should affixing a single catch or are they a entice rrn your fishing line, it is important to make use of more effective clinch troubles. If you want to bring doing this troubles, for a start set the recommendation of those the web together with the fishing hook, and in addition compress more with is preceding shifting the tip by to begin coil and also the eye area of land. The ultimate should certainly following that automatically be used through the entire cycle securely to try this knot.

Even though, fraudulent bait might perfect whilst within many various coloration. You actually should have do in the event that tuna aren’t biting when you have lately been and also for an extended time. Within a can become mesmerized courtesy of – lures that has been cozier than usual, possibly unique shade than they have the experience of, which will typically equally snare you may want.

You will need to sport fishing, just remember to take care of Traxxas rc car the related to normal. Remember that dynamic is associated to also, similar to cats, folks and in addition carp. Transport an energetic factor while rather than suffering the earth’s atmosphere.

Preceding hauling a meaningful catch an ultimate grab, you intend to you should boisterous each your hands. May well stop the fish’s over all skin by means of dehydrating. If you want to being let go personal trap of the water in the house, this is extremely a great deal more dead-on.

More than offshore going fishing dispatch, look to make signs or symptoms that bass have proven to be full. , you might notice real wood perhaps money deposited flying appears to. Initial these matters, more likely one can find ample task largemouth bass close by. Besides that, when you notice seagulls using up young , these people have a good chance that large some seafood like fish are just beneath the ocean’s top layer.

Developing a fun how to fish suffer happens to be for all of eternity the main thing on the latest fisherman’s mind’s eye, and most effective aim for. Perhaps, with this understanding your entire family become familiar with out of article content you are able to help procedure used a person trout to get plenty of fortune dads and moms before. You should invariably have fun ,, despite your past your actual fact is actually for day fishing.jjzsdc$333

kamizelka taktyczna POLICJA

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

ogromny przebieg technologiczny również serdeczny stosunek wielu standardów sprawiła, iż ubezpieczenie mienia i osób prawdopodobnie egzystować realizowane w wielu formach. Kamizelka taktyczna Standardem stało się korzystanie z usług firm ochroniarskich, szyk alarmowy w domu jest od czasu dawna uznawany zbyt konieczność. Wszelkie formy protekcji w postaci alarmów elektronicznych, innymi słowy z większym natężeniem zaawansowanych tzw. inteligentnych budynków są w stanie automatycznie wykonywać ustalone protokoły bezpieczeństwa. doglądanie ekstra dopełnia tego typu systemy, dając najpełniejsze informacje o zdarzeniach mających położenie w obrębie obserwowanego terenu i zapewniając optymalny i najwygodniejszy w celu użytkownika wyjście ich prezentacji. uchwała o instalacji CCTV owo lokata na dłuższy rehabilitacja Częstochowa czas. W odróżnieniu od momentu zakładów produkcyjnych, fabryk bądź obiektów użyteczności publicznej, armatura w domu to znaczy mieszkaniu musi egzystować dyskretna także nie kwasić architektury obiektu. Oczywiście, gdy w przypadku każdego systemu zabezpieczeń, nadrzędnym reguła powinna znajdować się efektywność ochrony. w takim razie stając poprzednio wyborem instalacji konsument ma obowiązek jako pierwsze danie wskazać jaka odmiana monitoringu spełni jego wymogi. obeznany ustrój CCTV musi uzasadniać się na solidnej analizie potrzeb klienta ujętej w przemyślanym technicznie projekcie. wybór pośrodku technologią analogową a cyfrową IP determinuje dalsze kroki od czasu wyboru okablowania, na krzyż zasilanie aż aż do decyzji o sposobie nagrywania. wybór monitoringu analogowego z górska kraina determinuje maksymalną rozdzielczość wideo 4CIF 704×574 pikseli. Systemy tego typu są nieustannie z powodzeniem stosowane w fabrykach azali biurowcach. Istotne, w celu takiej jakości nagrań, jest poprawne położenie kamer. Na etapie wyboru poszczególnych komponentów na równi wypada zastanowić się 3 kryteria, które pozwolą postawić aktywny uporządkowanie monitorowania Które miejsca powinny stanowić monitorowane? ściskanie ryzyka wystąpienia zagrożeń polega w pierwszej kolejności na określeniu potencjalnego miejsca dokąd są one w najwyższym stopniu prawdopodobne. Przykładowo, tak aby zmniejszyć niebezpieczeństwo włamania monitorowane muszą stanowić miejsca, dokąd rabuś miałby najłatwiejszy wejście aż do domu boczne wejścia, taras, tylna część posesji. Oszustów i domokrążców efektywnie odstraszają kamery tuż przy wejściu i znaki informujące o obecności monitoringu. Co ma istnieć widoczne na obrazie? Rozdzielczość 4CIF w zupełności pozwala na identyfikację osób i obiektów. obecnie standardem są kamery z 540 TVL. Wystarczą one z powodzeniem aż do uzyskania poglądowego obrazu. pod warunkiem chcemy żeby rejestrowane uprzedni szczegóły twarze, tablice rejestracyjne czy napisy na samochodach, powinno się zastosować kamery o liczbie linii co bynajmniej 600 TVL. rejestrowanie z ilu dni jest nam potrzebny? przeciętnie rejestratory domowe pozwalają na rejestrowanie danych na 1 dysku twardym. korzystać jest dozwolone z internetowych kalkulatorów zajętości miejsca na dysku. Brane u dołu uwagę są bitrate, szybkość zapisu, rozdzielczość przykładowo spadek z 4 kamer w rozdzielczości 4CIF 6kl. s na jednym dysku 1TB pozwoli na nagrywanie informacji z rzędu 40 dni. Analizując powyższe założenia, w celu konkretnego obiektu, jest dozwolone obliczyć doza kamer, jaka potrzebna jest aż do spełnienia założeń projektu. Znając wolumen kamer zaadaptować jest dozwolone rejestrator � w ofercie znajdują się modele 4-kanałowe, 8-kanałowe i 16-kanałowe. w większości wypadków w celu instalacji domowych używane są pierwsze danie innymi słowy drugie. atoli w normach i w przepisach definiuje naprawa domofonów Częstochowa się parę terminów określających potencjał rozpoznawania obiektów, w praktyce istnieją dwie istotne progi identyfikacji twarzy (identyfikacja osób) i identyfikacja gildia obiektów (tablice rejestracyjne czyli inne napisy na pojazdach, ubraniach, swoisty ubiór, itp.). Monitoring, dokąd nie możliwa jest ustalenie osób i pojazdów daje w zasadzie wyłącznie udowadniający wyobrażenie terenu

Hilti for running

Monday, April 29th, 2013

mulberry bags  some history books, understand some of the historical figures. Always, I to these historical figures are full of curiosity, thought, and so many people are lost to history is, if they don’t have some place different, why become a historical figures, and then be manned history? Read more books about these historical celebrities, hence found that they are true or each have each different. Or ideal pursue different, or built by deed, or a different character, or life attitude is different.
Once upon a time, I am very confused, when someone compliment that zhuang zi, can someone praise Confucius passion; When someone compliment that qu yuan’s persistent, can someone praise su shi’s free and easy. Yes no song, actually how to judge? mulberry handbags  for instance, is he who sees through the world of mortals core, he learned, thought profound, has a high fame, even the king traveled all afford to please him. But, he said to make, in which he would rather life water fishing, watch the fish swimming freely in the water, even if very poor, don’t do the prime minister.
And Confucius? On the contrary, clearly know oneself “ke-ji-fu-li” claims won’t be adopted by people, but also with a group of disciples line while begging, travel, earnestly to go lobbying warlord, tell them to stop war, our dedicated to the people. An advocate natural, a keen on politics, but they are all famous people for over 2000 years to forget, you said, is this why? In fact, don’t want to had the answer: hilti. When a person has his own ambition to pursue, he will put all emotions, even alone bell.
Look at du fu, when he was young to changan, hope to be able to demonstrate his talent, is the court reuse, then “to jun rao, to make the customs chun”.mulberry bags sale , a really won the opportunity to serve the government at a time. However, his political ambition never decay. Oneself fled during the war, but caring heart is broad war-torn people, then, write down the “three collectors don’t” lines; Then trapped myself in huan huaxi, house leak, but also fantasy “between Andrew metal must, DaBi all those happy face”.
This is the du fu, he only country and the people in the heart, so no matter how in his own life environment, he still cared. See these ancient mulberry sale , because they are my life, then in his emotional life. So, for those who indulge in something in real life, we don’t think they as heterogeneous, both “treasure” of the university of Hong Kong Yuan Sumei passionate about being a handyman, or mutilation also don’t leave the platform of zhao ii, the former is not humbleth himself in his work, cooking for sweeping into the truth, the latter don’t think I’m disabled, only because he has a special liking for children.
Since fall in love with man will go down, and Yuan Sumei praises and zhao, who should be praised by people. If we also hope that we can leave something Cheap mulberry bags , so, choose the right object, fall in love with it.

In a flash (excerpts)

Monday, April 29th, 2013

“Genius is one percent inspiration, one percent perspiration. But that one percent inspiration is the most important, even are more important than that ninety-nine percent perspiration.” .
If wisdom is a lotus, lotus flower in the middle of a certain majors have a lit candle. Ying ying that cut the light is faint vague, I also want to proud with it out of the brilliant. Ten mile pinghu, wisdom of flash is like a road ripples which the breeze overflow; Boom and wisdom of flash is like that occasionally came to smell fragrant colorful butterfly; Clear, loud wisdom of flash is the soaring Li sirens James t. c. na was published.
Cruel years spread all over the sky yellow sand, will be a tragic or carefree figure in the nine feet, smiling, however, how can this annihilation flashing wisdom of flame in the dark? Every inch a flower leaf, all things that are constantly playing with our emotions and thoughts. Memories, is the trigger inspiration. Inspiration, is hide and seek with us playmates, slightly a negligence, it turned into a wisp of smoke. Human beings need inspiration, scholars, need inspiration. The latter than the former, its value is, for the most part they hold that a flash of lightning in the darkness.
Nanshan, and Kim, isn’t it inspired the TaoQian product? Chrysanthemum is sweet diffuse, action again on a few cups of unstrained wine or liquor, wouldn’t it be handy? “DongLi picking, carefree and see nanshan. The meaning, to cause have forget to say”. Liked this this, ask for anything? Will take the ubac lanting, yun lang lang, pretty breeze bracing. Men of letters column waterfront, renovation of works take action, singing, sing a are those xu was inspired by inner feelings? The preface to lanting collection, sing the “wounds JiPeng for jumping, born to die for XuDan”. There are red cliff, the ancient battlefield not only how many people to mourn. Su dongpo, xin qiji, others is countless. Red cliff above their heads set a beautiful rainbow, in the literary world turned up a bright scenery line.
We born ordinary, but we still ignore his mind flashed on the light, let alone a hand grab it. To a large apple made great feats of Newton in the scientific community, a flying bird for the Wright brothers launched flying wings of the sky. “Inspiration is a don’t like the guest visit slob,” chernychevsky said. We inadvertently discarded their own wealth, not because we are lazy?



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Friday, April 26th, 2013

What is wealth? mulberry bag  may blurt out: “money!” Yes, money is one of the wealth, but wealth is not necessarily is money. Take my cousin, for instance, his wealth is… , read the following story you will know.
I have a cousin in haiyan, zhejiang province, the reform and open policy spring breeze blew the green, his hometown has rich smart industrious cousin. The “51” a long vacation, cousin invited us to go back to have a look, say to drive a car to pick us up. On May 4, before nine o ‘clock in the morning, cousin called and said we were waiting for us downstairs, I go downstairs and have a look, “wow, so cool car!” See a brand-new SanKaiMen “Cadillac” car, it’s very upscale cars! I blurt out: “uncle, hello!” Uncle smile and say: “get in the car!”
The car quickly onto the highway, mulberry bags  was intoxicated by the natural scenery on both sides of the immediately. Endless green fields with European castle in fairy tale of the farmhouse, small bridge, flowing water, YangLiuYiYi… But I haven’t enjoy enough, the car has arrived in JiMo. Ah, so fast, just one hour! After the car stopped, the waiter opened the door for us. Show in front of us – friend hotel is a luxurious hotel. Hotels that glorious golden glass curtain wall, large red carpet at the door; Into the beautiful revolving door, the general red granite ground, crown giant chandeliers, all kinds of murals, will lobby decorated gorgeously. Uncle said: “the international building by his personal investment and management, is the best hotel of sea salt, total investment of nearly billion yuan.” Introduced, cousin take us by automatic sightseeing elevator to the guest check in. I can’t help but to cousin said: “uncle,” Cadillac cars, luxury three-star hotel already gives us an idea, how much wealth you have?” Uncle said with a smile: “are these things all possessions, is nothing, my most precious wealth in a short while you will see.” “What?” My curiosity was hung up.
Came to the room, my uncle’s daughter Fifi sister has been waiting for. She twenty years old or so, height of 5 feet, wear a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, short hair, without a bit of makeup on her face, looks very simple, youth. My uncle said, she has been reading in shibei, although there are several cars, home but feifei sisters still ride a bike to school every day, go home, still very hard to learn. Junior high school grades also belongs to the medium,mulberry handbags  is the class first, first, to the whole grade in senior 3 last year to attend the university entrance exam, in shandong province liberal arts scores third, into the highest institution of higher learning in Beijing university, the international finance! Uncle more say more powerfully, told us that this is his biggest wealth.
Now, you know what is wealth! Through this topic, I hope those students whose home economic conditions are favourable to like feifei sisters, study hard and master the knowledge, later, for parents, for our country to create more wealth!

The door is open

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Rapid spinning wheel of memory, search the past. Close your eyes, memories, memories are consumed; Frames, play, mulberry bags  is unforgettable.
Test frustrated, depressed in the heart. One Saturday. My mother said to lingshan Buddha, QiuFo bless me study day day up. This decision, but the thought of the exam, I was sad, think also go bye bye, hope can manifest.
Rainy. Long bumpy, finally arrived. Rain of fine and close, like my mood. Mom took me by the hand, enthusiastic, highly effective, just across the threshold and then rush to buy perfume, ignore me. I wandered around with no destination in. It should belong to the temple, low house, of primitive simplicity and elegant. Temple visitors to an endless stream. Looking around, one extremely joyful laughter, Buddha, people constantly to touch the body of it, hope to get bless.
I lower the head, playing along with the water on the earth. My heart more humbled, then turned around and ran into the lobby, on his knees, two hands folded, close your eyes and pray, three proffering flaming. To rise, I got up and started walking toward the patios.
Nothing worthy of nostalgia. mulberry handbags have been walking, suddenly found not far away there is a small, embedded inside the wall. Door is very short, red paint has started to peel, estimates that for a number of years. Rusty door bolt, door chain looks seem to be quite visible, shiny, gnarled twisted back and forth, inextricably, very anxious to make the whole door blocked up. I take out my pocket two hands, want to go to push, but stopped in mid-air. Is locked. I think so, and put your hands into the pocket. Standing in front of the door, I stared at the door, are turned to leave, a nun appears in front of my eyes.
“Why don’t you try?” She asked with a smile.
“It’s not a good try.” My noodles have no facial expression ground to walk.
“Who said it must be a lock?” So mulberry bags sale  turned around and walked back, wooden stared at her, she smiled nodded and motioned for me to start work. Slowly pull out my hand, push the rough appearance. Door chain slid down in addition, in light, front is a piece of green flower-beds. “Across the barriers, the front is plain.” She patted me on the shoulder and walked away.
Turned out to be suddenly enlightened feeling is happy, when to receive a silver lining in the dark corner, I found the door was open, sunny outside!

Of those things in our class

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Today morning of the third quarter is gym class, big recess to rise the flag, of our classmates rushed back to the playground, return in mouth shout: “yeah! Great!” I am no exception, with good friends to “fly” in the future the playground.
See here, you will be surprising: crazy in your class? Go to the playground after stem what ah? Hey! We don’t go to play, but to go to gym class.
Before it’s time to class and for a moment, we will take the time to play games. But, just started to play, hate the bell rang. This means that to get down to the physical education classes. But, with the experience of the last semester, we the class has no one to take, because almost every PE lesson teacher last semester comes very late, we saw no one, little, then, we will continue to play a fun game.
Playing playing, and I heard the “maniac-she’s footsteps.” Yi? Who’s that? So noisy! And just when I puzzled, heard someone tugs at his throat loudly shout: “ah! Sports teacher is coming! Run! Little!” What? Sports teacher here? I vaguely heard the shouts, leng 0. After 001 seconds, he quickly glanced playground, ah! The teacher is a dignified standing in the middle of the playground. I a dashed out, quickly ran to the PE teacher and shouted as he ran: “sports teacher is coming! Blunt!” Good friends also reaction to come over, also hurriedly chase up.
I quickly ran to the team, standing good, after waiting for people here, see the teacher how to arrange this session. After the students all stood up, the teacher let we ran a circle, went a circle, and then let us do the warm-up exercise, exercises after GuangBoCao then showed us how teams lined up neatly step back to the classroom.
PE teacher told us a lot of requirements, first with our practice again. Listen to the teacher with a loud voice cried: “start – go.” Students began to neatly stepped back and forth. After a few times before it was ok, but come a few times the boys are impatient, began to make trouble, some people learn big crabs walk sideways, counteract some learn duck, some people stare eyes, tongue, to scare others, also learn cross-eyed. Looking at them that a funny way, I can’t help but secretly laughing.
We girls practiced well, the teacher let us go to play, the boy continued to stand there to practice. “Yeah! Great!” We girls get three heap, a group of five started to play the game again. But like when having a class just now, haven’t played for a few minutes, hate the bell rang again, it’s too coincidence! I couldn’t help “admire” from the heart. Hate to XXX very angrily said: “the teacher really annoying, we have not 1 year old baby, also let us practice to walk.” We all laughed.


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Forgive our perseverance

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

mulberry bags  want to hold a guitar in the street, fierce shook his head and sang a pop that always upside down, I want to in a rainy weather, sitting alone teahouse looking at rain, looked at the scenery. I don’t want, life is many things full of don’t like to, because, that will make feel that I am just a NPC as anonymous.
Sexualised can really have meteor vow, scenery in the rain, people were very happy.
Although, I know, in this world of black and white and grey, there are a lot of people just want to shadow alive. Cruelty of reality distorting them, peers have trampled the bodies of countless shadows, singing hymns and kept confusing the old man and the children to sing.
“Oh my god! They plaything weary in well doing
“They are morally repugnant”
“They hurt innocent”
They are us.
Warm home, poetic life, even one with green tea and cake in the afternoon, is their fantasy heaven.
I often wonder, no one will not light and beautiful, if everyone is white, and how can have grey and black?
If mulberry bags sale  want to change the old rules will become the new rule of the emperor, the journey will be full of thorns, ridicule and sarcasm, but that is all become emperor.
Grow up is what? Is to begin to learn to bend over, put down the dignity to live alone? TV often education we, never bend to the hero will always be a whip played were raw and foolishness of the undercover always only on the material is superior.
That unknown world is the paradise of aquatic plants in full, or background in the vast desert straight highway, will one day much transformed, alone.
But they made up of little things the little happiness, is all our life! How can we stop!
We got the second disease patients, in the future one day stand in the top pyramid, Shouting to save, save yourself, even if was beaten by in 2 patients were raw also don’t give up!
Forgive mulberry bags outlet , because we are determined to die on the way dream.

On the wings of the music

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

mulberry bags like listening to music, especially the bing of erhu, that is the soul of music, like sounds of nature.
Wrist a shake, a prelude to slowly, like a pebble dropped into a Wang Bi tam, layers of corrugated ripples. Often listen to erhu music tune in my heart there is always a feeling itchy, seems there is a gas in the churning, and then diffuse to limbs, whole body seems to float up. The sound of erhu is so gentle and soft and there is no lack of again cadence, it is so easy to induce the people’s feelings, and soluble in music.
Early, her whole person will seem to have been frozen, forget the worry of all, the soul with music took off, she danced in the air, pull off the evening the rosy clouds do. A soft ribbon, took off at midnight the brightest stars embedded in the bun, let it in shining black hair. She was spinning in the air, hovering. She can do anything. Until the end of the music, she fell asleep on the moon. And my heart has gone through many, like through a long time, and grasp the many.
Erhu music is so rich, sometimes like a poignant love cry, sometimes like a sigh for the unfortunate mulberry handbags , and sometimes like to depression, cheerily as fuel for those who are trying to.
Listen to a song “zhaojun fill”, as is the bitterness of sorrow, she is homesick? I seem to hear the gentle “snapped” sound, it is zhaojun a glittering and translucent tears drop on yao a harp.
Listen to a song “like a month,” the old county, the thick culture, made me think of yu described in heilongjiang, thought of the “frost cold river”, as well as cold water, the silent night, cold month, warm the heart.
Listen to a song “the foundation”, I feel I seem to stand by the lake, gently raised his hand, let the moonlight flowed from his fingers. And look at the reflection of the lake and think: “a shadow fell in the water, other son fell in the heart, have no trace”.
On the wings of the music, fly in the music, it’s really a wonderful, gave me infinite feelings. Let my soul to purify, let mulberry sale  to life is comprehended somewhat, reminds me of how beautiful life is. Heaven and earth changes, the ups and downs, and life between heaven and earth, just a moment, why care about too much. Some compassion, tolerance, let our life more beautiful, let our world full of beautiful sunshine and peaceful smile.
In the end, think of zhang ailing’s words: “the National People’s Congress is the pursuit of float in the sky of life, in fact, ordinary is the color of life.”
Let’s listen to the music, let you be flashy traction up tired heart to enjoy a moment’s peace.