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Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Lakers’ record is now 36 wins and 35 losses, and has recently suffered a three-game losing streak, it is not conceivable in such a critical stage sprint, the Lakers need exactly like Howard, efficient and almighty Reggie.Howard, of course, the game also lacks, has reached four times the number of Howard’s foul midway through the fourth, to some extent, restricted his performance on the pitch.

Beijing on March 28, the Lakers on the road challenge Timberwolves, eye-catching performance of Howard the game,Cheap Michael Kors Purses, scored 25 points, 16 rebounds, 5 steals and 5 blocked shots, break through the 1500 mark for career blocked shots, rows of NBA (micro Bo) history of section 32, the entire Warcraft at both ends of the court to the Timberwolves a great threat –

Howard in the paint, the Lakers should have to play very easy, and in fact, need to do so before the game, Bryant said Howard more passing, “Howard played well,” Bryant said, “We need to to find a solution, let him in the post, the more balls. “Bryant, the game did not go back on his game for Howard sent pass. Section II war to 40-35 when Bryant the ball, Howard under the basket, waiting for an opportunity, Bryant pass over the top, Howard alley-oop dunks succeeded, the whole process at one go, allowing fans to address him enjoyable.

In addition to Bryant, Steve Nash for Howard repeatedly pass in the third quarter, Nash, the team’s offense in an outside organization, and at the same time observe the situation on the pitch, Howard already in place in the basket. Nash first attracted by breaking through the other side of the double-team, and then the ball thrown high,Michael Kors USA, Howard jumped up again after the alley-oop dunks raging basket.9 minutes 01 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Howard 11 shot 7 already scored 18 points and 13 rebounds, plus five steals and four blocked shots,, not only an excellent performance, and all-around. And it is worth noting that the Lakers at this time inside scoring 42 points,Michael Kors Grayson, while the Timberwolves side only 34 points.

Before the game, Howard’s career total cap number for 1498, 32 came in the history of the NBA, only one step away from the 1500 cap. After halftime, Howard dedicated Timberwolves four blocks to cap the number increased to 1502 times. Timberwolves Pekovic and Williams on experience powerful hot pot of Warcraft, Williams Howard cap opening less than one minute to eat. In addition to the cap breaking the 1500 mark, Howard steals two at halftime, performed extremely well.

Howard half scored 12 points, 11 rebounds, two steals and four blocked shots, and get ahead of the two pairs, which also proved the strength of Warcraft impressive on the offensive end, and expert analysis before Howard on the court when Lakers 100 Pace opponents to 105.1 points; When he is not on the court when the Lakers every 100 possessions opponents to 111.7 points,Michael Kors Hamilton. Howard Lakers pitch allows opponents to 6.6 points less defensive,Michael Kors Purses Outlet. The game Timberwolves again himself experienced the power of Howard on the defensive end.