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Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Merry event on Harden, American gossip media has long been flattering. Harden worked with rapper Treanor heats up, but then abandoned her to find a man named Avi stripper. During the finals last season, Harden in Miami away, even before the game went to the nightclub fooling around, and James rumored girlfriend Hengqie engage together. Throughout the finals series, and Harden are obviously poor state.

As for this, Harden month to his girlfriend $ 50,000, this number can say is equally amazing. Calculated in accordance with the $ 50,000 per month, Harden each year to give his girlfriend $ 600,000 in the NBA (microblogging) has about one million pre-tax salary. Of course,Women’s North Face, just signed a five-year, $ 80 million contract Harden, he has this capital, but not too big spenders. After all, the players eat young rice, also need to plan for the future

Beijing time on March 28, according to gossip media reports, the rocket headed core Harden is a real dandy. As high rich handsome, Harden in the intelligence field has always been lavish, insiders revealed that he is now every month to his girlfriend $ 50,Men’s North Face,000 for their consumption. Previously more media reports, that Harden had offered to pay the $ 20,000 buy overnight Merry.

Why, of course, the media reporter for the standard $ 20,000, which is a reason. According to a report in November last year, Harden was plagued by flu, the state of instability. But a few days before this, Harden also a stripper and a video to spend a romantic night,North Face Fleece Jackets, he actually spent $ 20,000 this purpose! The strippers then picture a bit blonde, hot body, and lots of flesh, no wonder you can let Harden willing to spend $ 20,000.

The media reporter consulted on this issue, Solskjaer around a friend. Solskjaer friends quite disdain when asked Harden pay the monthly cost of living there more than 20 thousand U,North Face Jackets.S. dollars. 20000 What? “The insider said,” Solskjaer able to get $ 50,000 a month, which does not include other gifts. ”

After that, the U.S. media gossip dug sexy photos more Duo Hadeng irreparably with new girlfriend, both show Kea hot body also Hardenberg and Solskjaer embrace the lingering images of happiness. Of course, the media reporters have a topic of concern, Harden monthly Solskjaer how much “cost of living”?

This season, Harden from Thunder transaction to rocket him not only to a larger city, but also signed a five-year maximum contract. So erotic field,North Face Jacket Outlet, Harden is like a duck to water. Media previously reported that Harden now has to find a new girlfriend, her name is called Kea is a model, and also has its own clothing line. Witnesses confirmed that Harden had in the game before the game and Solskjaer embrace this affair on this made public,