Mobile crushing station

Hongxing mobile crusher will be Your Wise Choice
Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional mobile crusher manufacturer. All the equipments and framework of Hongxing mobile crusher are used the most advanced steel, which gets the customers’ approval. Hongxing mobile crusher can work the whole day without rest. It only needs six hours per week to maintain the interface between the feeder and the crusher. At the same time, overhauling the platform can reduce the unnecessary wear and tear radically.
Compared with the ordinary crusher, mobile crusher has lots of advantages, such as, it is easy to move, takes a little occupied area, select working site directly and is convenient to put into production. What’s more, for the ordinary crusher, when crushing materials, it needs the belt conveyor to translate the materials from the feeder to the crusher. For the mobile crusher, the crusher is to the feeder. There is no need to use the belt conveyor to translate the materials. The materials on the ore faces can be delivered to the feed inlet of crusher by the electric shovel directly, and then the material will go into the crusher at a constant speed, which not only reduces the unnecessary processes and cost, but also improves the speed and working efficiency greatly. Each of the crushing equipment in the mobile crusher is not on work until all the materials have been crushed completely. Because the mobile crusher is easy to move and can be built on the ore faces directly, it is widely used in different production projects of mining industry.
According to the different demands of customers, Henan Hongxing Company can manufacture mobile crusher with different equipments configuration. Welcome all the customers to visit our company. The consulting hot-line of mobile crusher is 0371-67833161.

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