Rotary Drum Cooler

Cooling machine is composed of  the evaporator, condenser, compressor, an expansion valve, fan and the housing. When it is in normal working, the evaporator absorbs heat from the outside world and condenser emits heat outwardly, under the action of fan, moist air enters the machine from the left air inlet and takes heat exchange through the evaporator, and then its temperature decreases; when the humid air reaches the dew point temperature, moisture is precipitated due to condensation, the absolute moisture content of the humid air declines, while its temperature would raise when it passes through the condenser for heat exchanging again, so as to achieve the purpose of insulation and dehumidification.

Cooling machine is the main configuration device in rotary kiln production system, it has simple structure, stable performance, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance, strong adaptability, high production capacity, low energy consumption, stable operation and long service life; the exhaust gas produced by heat exchanging could be drew into rotary kiln, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the entire system.

When stopping the machine, the operators firstly stop the heat flow and then stop cold flow. If maintenance is needed, they should sweep up the media within the tube the shell in accordance with the sweeping line procedure, and repair it when the device body temperature lowers to the permissive point.


(1) When putting cooler into use, the operators should open the atmospheric valve until it produces water to prevent air resistance affecting the cooling effect.

(2) When the machine stops working, please stop cooling water and open atmospheric valve to avoid the equipment damage caused by the pressure.

(3) When adjusting the oil cooling temperature, the operator should control the outlet valve.

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