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So you want a short hair ghd

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

So you want a short hair, is enough to make the focus of horizontal gaze. These women is a long hair, a good way to compensate for the poor is cut some explosion or eyebrows, and then let a couple turned out, the face or direct recovery function common chin.The often face be a very,ghd very long (usually brows and lush lashes), usually is a long, narrow nose, high forehead, large face, chin.For over a series of time, sometimes a little exaggeration, no way, women can be manipulated in order to compensate for the hair, so it looks a little small. Fortunately, leaving many opportunities for entertainment and fun style. No, go on vacation, or a time period of Christmas, or any container, on all occasions, the first need, and how to release another. If you lack the adventure something new, this is a vacation completely variants perspective. In this picture, the trend supreme mustache mode is a variant vacation fully.