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To Continue the Innovation on Mining Rotary Dryer

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

When the gas stream is heated through a different mean and no combustion gases enter the dryer, it is an indirect heated model. Indirect heated models are useful when product contamination is a concern.

Each major production accidents are related to our carelessness on the details maintenance of the machine in the daily life. Production safety is not just paying lip service, must put to action. Rotary dryer is prone to displacement phenomenon in the production process, so we should do the daily maintenance more carefully. Hongxing experts will tell you how to solve the displacement of rotary dryer.The price is not the only thing you should concern when you choose equipments, the service and quality should also be considerate.

Rotary dryers are used in reducing the moisture content in a variety of materials. Some common applications include the drying of sawdust, woodshavings, grains and other food products, livestock renderings, MSW, sludge, paper and pulp sludge. They are used in the metal and mining industries to dry a variety of elements such as tin, iron, copper, cokes, sulfur, coal and fluorescent substance and in the ceramic and chemical industries for drying materials such as silica sand, beach sand, phosphate and fertilizer. Food manufacturers use dryers on citrus and potato by-products and by-products used for animal feed.

Dryers are offered in both direct and indirect heated models. When a burner is used, making up the gas stream of both air and combustion gases, it is considered direct heat.

The Necessity of Checking Equipment before Production

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Bag dust collector and its parts often go wrong, not only affecting normal removal of dust, but also increasing the equipment maintenance workload. Through some surveys on the equipment overhaul, the poor quality of the equipment’s parts is the main cause of equipment’s failure.

Safety is the most important problem in the use of large mining equipment , we also should choose the standard machinery manufacturer of crusher, such as Henan Hongxing heavy industry,who has focused on mining machinery research and development for many years. Second, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment. We need to regularly check for large mining equipment , for example, conduct the inspection of large mining equipment parts and find the problems in time. Impact crusher can effectively deal with materials of high humidity, which can prevent the crusher from being blocked.

In mining industry, crusher is usually used for crushing raw materials, with more than 8 mm thick. Crusher can be divided into primary crusher and fine crusher. Generally speaking, the processed materials can be 0.074 mm thick, or even smaller. The process is use outside force to crusher bigger materials into smaller. As fast development of the society, the mounts of crushing material is increasing heavily, crusher plays more and more important role in our national economy.The whole working process of a crushing machine in flotation beneficiation plant is completed by the drive of motor.

Therefore, in the operation of crushing equipment, since the precipitator is not operated, the lower Belt conveyor has been in the dust of diffuse.

Some Common Problems Appearing in Production

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

When hydraulic oil temperature rises,you should immediately stop cone crusher and make inspection repair, general because of tubing clogging or the oil groove, the safety valve will not work.When the oil contains large amounts of fine mud and impurities, generally because the sealed dust-proof device failured;

Plumbing blockage or leak is caused by shortage of water. You should stop reseal or cleaning overhaul, replace with new oil. Crushing or idling will produce an audible sound of splitting, it is also more common, because of the liner relaxation; movable cone or fixed cone lining will produce impact force. The solution is to down to check the fastening screws and zinc layer off. If the screws or earrings will be damaged, you need to remove the adjustment ring replacement screws and earrings; If the zinc layer is off, they need to re-cast zinc layer; Check the liner ovality, and make necessary machining. In addition, the increase in grain size of the row of ore is caused by severe liner wear, you should adjust the port of discharge, reduce the size of the port of discharge and replace liner.

In the process of using cone crusher , it often occurs high oil temperature, hydraulic oil temperature rise, oil contains a large number of fine mud and impurities,the difficulty of discharging ores increases. Following Henan Hongxing which is major in producing the sand maker such as the cone crusher, hammer crusher and ball mill will summarize the common failures in the process of using the cone crusher , and give the answer to you.

When the oil quality is not good and insufficient;or if there is bearing damage and other problems, the problem of high oil temperature will occur.We just change the oil, or fuel, or replace the bearings to solve the above problem.When the oil temperature is low; the tubing will be clogged or the oil pump is not working properly. Which will cause low oil pressure or indicator without oil flow after the oil pump is started,heating should be used to increase the oil temperature and repair piping or pump.

The Importance of Mining Brand on Market Competition

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

The 1500×2100 giant jaw crusher is the largest jaw crushing machine in the domestic market. The main machine adopts cast steel pouring, thus ensuring the quality of the final products and the reliability of the crushing work. This crushing equipment is suitable for large-sized and super large-sized mining crushing production line and is almost able to crush all kinds of rocks and stone materials.

Before purchasing equipment, many people would look for the relevant information and figure out the best crushing machine. It is recommended that there is no the best crusher, but only the most suitable crusher. Our company specializes in the research and manufacturing of crushing equipment with various types and comprehensive models, and we can realize customized production and volume production.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a well-known crusher manufacturing company in China and the large crusher manufacturer. “Hongxing Brand” is a famous brand in China and has been trusted by most customers.

The crushing equipment is indispensable in the quarrying industry, and the quality of the crushing machine directly determines the crushing efficiency. The research shows that the production cost gradually reduces along with the increase of the crushing efficiency of the single crushing equipment. For this reason, selecting large-sized crusher becomes the key to save energy and reduce emission.

The model of jaw crusher is generally determined by the length and width of the material feeding mouth. At present the largest crusher is 1200×1500 crusher and 1500×2100 crusher. China is a big country manufacturing, researching and developing crusher in the world and also has the most technicians and equipment production lines for the production and manufacturing work.

The Vital Position of Ball Mill on Development

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

No matter the ball mill is static or rotating, the entire fluid lubrication is realized through a thick layer of oil slick formed between the bearing bush and hollow shaft under the high-pressure oil outside. The lubrication state of the static pressure bearing has little to do with the oil slick pressure or rotating speed. When the mill starts to work, the space between the bearing bush and the hollow shaft remains a pure liquid friction and lubrication status, which is not easy to abrade the bearing bush. What’s more, the carrying capacity of the static pressure bearing is concerned with the oil pressure, therefore increasing the oil pressure can raise the supporting capacity of the oil slick. Due to the fact that liquid static pressure bearing working under a pure liquid lubrication state avoids immediate contact among surface of friction pairs. Therefore, there’s little abrasion and the lifespan is long. Theoretically, the service life is able to be prolonged indefinitely.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more rigorous for the demands of ball mill that technical innovation remains the crucial point for it to win the market share. Hongxing Mining Machinery is always perseverant in this way to create better equipments for the customers!

Along with the tendency that uprising has become the popular trends for ball mills, it has become extremely urgent for the ball mill to get wholly innovated in the aspect of technology. Just as the times produce their heroes, the transformation of the ball mill’s bearings proves to be a ladder towards progress.

As a result of the uprising, the bearings serve as a critical part in the ball mill that their steady operation would immediately affect the mill’s normal operation. It has altered from the traditional small one to the present large one with the barrel diameter reaching to 7 meters. Its main bearings principally comprise common sliding bearing, rolling bearing, dynamic pressure bearing, static dynamic pressure bearing, static pressure bearing.

At present, the static pressure bearing is widely used in large-scale energy-saving ball mills due to its property of high reliability, long service life, little energy consumption, great bearing capacity etc.

The Importance of Flexibility on Mining Management

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The products produced by a lot of enterprises have to highlight the performance of low-carbon products, which will become the best means for the promotion of the products in mining machinery industry. Low carbon also has attracted the attention of many crusher users.

We must improve the force status of the bearing of the compound crusher . The impact load acting on the bearing depends on the impulse on the rotor and the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Increasing the support flexibility of the bearing seat will reduce the impact load acting on the bearing. To do this, we can add a rubber pad with appropriate thickness between the bearing seat and the support frame board in order to improve the support flexibility of the bearing seat. Since the rubber plate added increases the support softness, part of the vibration energy is absorbed, which can improve the stress condition of the bearing to achieve the purpose to prolong the service life of the bearing.

A new type of dewatering equipment efficient thickener is actually not simply settling equipment, but a combination of mud layer filter characteristics. NXZ Concentrated machine are widely used in the treatment of various industrial slurry, such as beneficiation, coal, metallurgy, chemical, slurry, etc, which is a new center drive, automatic rake efficient concentrator Concentrator produced by Hongxing which is major in prodcuing the sand maker such as the cone crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, compound crusher and the other grinding machine such as the ball mill uses the precipitated speed of pulp particles, and increasing the density of mineral containing to reach the selected concentration, and the concentration of small medium are discharged from the overflow port.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the energy conservation has become a crucial task. As the important support power for the infrastructure construction, the crusher machine has greatly promoted the economic development. At the same time, natural environment can not be ignored.

The Detailed Introduction to the Hot Sale of Crusher

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Among the crusher equipment, hongxing heavy industry based on the special requirements of customer and the actual situation, the company has developed a new compound cone crusher, which has contributed to the enterprises development with its unique incomparable efficiency and cost performance.

In order to meet the demands of customers, hongxing heavy industry has development large size, medium size and small size compound cone crusher to satisfy various requirements of customers, at the same time, the good tightness, reliable machine structure, high safety factor, smooth operation and high quality after sale service also make the customer satisfied. If you want to buy crushers, please go to hongxing heavy industry, it will provide you quality guaranteed products and best service.

Material crusher has a widely application in today’s industrial production; it occupies an important place in the production process of building industry and coal exploit; it also plays an important role in waste recycle and sand production. Hongxing heavy industry holds an important position in the research and development of China crusher. With its excellent technology, high quality product and good pre-sale, sale, and after sale service, hongxing heavy industry has won the trust of customers.

At the beginning, the research and development of compound cone crusher has attracted wide attention. Based on the original characteristics of cone crusher, hongxing heavy industry developed new advance technology to innovate and promote the compound cone crusher, which makes the crusher has the advantages of big reduction ratio, high productivity, advanced structure, reliable performance, smooth operation, low running cost, high efficiency and etc. compound cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of various hard stone and super hard materials, such as all kinds of metal ores, limestone, granite, sandstone and pebble, etc. compound crusher play an unique role in both ore dressing production line, crushing production line and sand making production line.

To Improve the Creativity on Crusher Designing

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

The ore present irregular shape when it is mined with the big volume. So, we need to extract metal from the ore, and then we can make artificial sand, or other further processing. These processes will need jaw crusher to crushing the ores.

The following characteristics analysis is given by hongxing heavy industry for the jaw crusher. Firstly, the jaw crusher has the features of simple structure, guaranteed quality, low running cost, low noise, and little stone powder. Its gasket discharging end can adjust according to practice requirement which increase the flexibility greatly and has a wide applicable scope that can meet the requirement of different customers. in the environment protection and energy saving present social, jaw crusher of hongxing heavy industry has a superiority in energy saving, the single machine can save 15%-30% energy, and the whole system can saving above 50% energy, which reduce the operation cost and lower the burden of enterprises.

Ore dressing equipments of hongxing heavy industry have plays an important role in our country’s infrastructure construction, and the grinding equipments in particular hold an important position in mineral processing production process of ore dressing. Experienced buildings Professionals know that in mining different strength ore need different crushers to crushing. Main crushers of hongxing heavy industry are jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft and impact crusher, among them the jaw crusher of hongxing heavy industry occupies the high utilization ratio in the nationwide mining.

At present, crusher has a widely utilization in various kinds of ore dressing line and sand stone production line.

To Investigate the Interior Structure of Ball Mill

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

In order to simplify the analysis process, the experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery have put forward four hypotheses for the structural optimization for the ball mill.

First, the milling body is in the mill barrel and it does the circular motion according to the location layer by layer.

Second, it is the projectile motion after the milling body break away from the cylinder wall.

Third, the sliding between the milling body and the cylinder wall is very small, which can be negligible in the calculation process.

Forth, the impact of the materials in the cylinder body on the motion of the milling body can be negligible.

Most of the grinding impact of the ball mill which is just one sort of mining machiens which is major in producing the hammer crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher, ball mill and vibrating screenon the materials is derived from the impact energy of the milling body. However, the grinding rate and the impact energy of the ball mill show the line relationship with any standard and size. In addition, the slope of the line is the grinding rate of the materials.

For the grinding efficiency of the ball mill and the simulation and optimization for the representation model between the parameters of the mechanism o f the milling machine, the simplified three-dimensional modeling of the mechanism of the milling machine is mainly composed by the large pulley, bearings, connecting rods, rocker and the tray. The grinding tube is fixed on the tray. The eccentric distance between the bearing and the pulley is 60mm. The initial length of the link is 180mm and the initial length of the rocking bar is 120mm. The length of the hinged four-bar mechanism frame is 200mm.

The motor drives the pulley and drives the rotation of the pallet. The action of the hinged four-bar mechanism frame causes the additional swing of the tray. Therefore, the grinding cylinder on the tray does the planetary motion with the tray. The eccentric force produced by the rotation of the rolling cylinder and the friction force between the rolling cylinder and the cylinder wall causes the inter impact and friction between the milling ball and the materials in the cylinder so that the materials can be crushed.

The Reference Data on Lifting Height of Mining Grinder

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

The dust catcher is needed to separate the air and dust in the dusty gas. There are cyclone dust collector, foam dust collector, bag dust collector and electrostatic dust collector. The cyclone dust collector is a container whose upper is cylindrical and the bottom is conical. The dusty gas is transmitted into the container at the speed of 20 to 30 meters along the tangent direction of the duct. The airstream does a spiral rotary motion within the container.

If the medium is a steel ball, it is called ball mill; the medium is steel rod, it is called rod mill; the medium is gravel, it is called flint mill. The specification of the mill is represented as diameter×length. When the grinding machine is in rotation, the eccentric force in the rotation of the grinding medium in the cylinder generates certain frictional force between the barrel and itself. The frictional force gets the grinding medium to rotate with the cylinder and reach a certain height. When its gravity exceeds the eccentric force, the medium is about to projectile from the barrel, thus crushing the ores. At the same time, there’s slippage of the grinding medium during rotation that also produces a grinding effect. Therefore, ores are smashed under the combined effects of the impact and grinding force produced by the grinding medium.

Ores from the stope contain a great deal of ore powder produced during drilling and blasting; in the process of crushing, screening, dry grinding, drying and even transporting, a lot of dust is going to be produced. Dispersion and suspension of the dust particles not only impinge on the sanitation, result in the devices’ abrasion and the loss of the useful ores, but also do harm to workmen’s health. Meanwhile, the chemical properties and the content in the air of the dust determine its damage degree to the human beings. Usually the concentrators produce minor siliceous ore dust. The ore content can reach 1600mg/ 3m.

The characteristics of motion of the grinding media in the barrel and its lifting height as well as the trajectory primarily decide the dry mill’s rotation speed and the movement of the grinding media when the mill is in three rotation type. When the speed is low, the lifting height of the grinding media is lower.